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Ayurvedic and Herbals

If you are searching for original ayurvedic products then you have come to the right place! Organic Gyaan is the one-stop destination for original and organic ayurvedic and herbal powders online. We offer a wide range of the best ayurvedic products, consisting of all the most sought-after ayurvedic powders made from original ayurvedic herbs to support your overall well-being and natural healing.

Our collection includes an extensive variety of ayurvedic herbs. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients and adhere to traditional ayurvedic principles, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of our products.

For those looking for the best ayurvedic products online, we have curated a selection of herbal powders such as- 

  • Ashwagandha
  • Triphala
  • Amla
  • Neem
  • Tulsi
  • Wheatgrass
  • Arjuna etc.

Convenience is at your fingertips with our easy-to-use online platform, where you can explore and purchase herbal products online. If you are searching for high-quality and safe ayurvedic powders then Organic Gyaan is the ideal online shopping store!

Our comprehensive ayurvedic products list of ayurvedic herbal products offers various benefits for skincare, hair care, heart care, blood sugar control, and much more.  Each of our ayurvedic powders online is formulated using potent botanical extracts and traditional remedies, ensuring optimal efficacy and safety.

At Organic Gyaan we embrace the wisdom of Vedic herbal products and thus strive hard to provide our users with the best Indian herbal products at the best prices and deliver them PAN India. These ayurvedic products are formulated to balance your mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall harmony and vitality. So, browse our extensive range of ayurvedic products, and embark on a journey of natural healing and well-being. Shop now and discover the transformative power of ayurvedic herbs.


Product type
Ashwagandha Powder

12 reviews
₹ 200.00
Amla Powder

19 reviews
₹ 160.00
Moringa Powder

16 reviews
₹ 185.00
Stevia Powder

21 reviews
₹ 180.00
Shatavari Powder

14 reviews
₹ 200.00
Jamun Seed Powder

10 reviews
₹ 150.00
Arjuna Powder

16 reviews
₹ 140.00
Neem Leaves Powder

13 reviews
₹ 150.00
Lakadong Turmeric Powder

9 reviews
From ₹ 130.00
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Wheatgrass Powder

11 reviews
₹ 215.00
Triphala Powder

8 reviews
₹ 190.00
Karela Powder

8 reviews
₹ 175.00
Tulsi Powder

11 reviews
₹ 190.00
Methi Powder

8 reviews
₹ 110.00
Save ₹ 73.00
Thandai Masala

10 reviews
₹ 217.00 ₹ 290.00
Giloy Powder

8 reviews
₹ 190.00
Harad Powder

1 review
₹ 130.00
Save ₹ 127.00
Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management Combo

9 reviews
₹ 723.00 ₹ 850.00
Imli Powder / Tamarind Powder

8 reviews
₹ 180.00
Herbal Tea Masala

9 reviews
₹ 300.00
Save ₹ 180.00
Thandai Masala Box
₹ 540.00 ₹ 720.00
Brahmi Powder
₹ 150.00
Save ₹ 25.00
Herbal Powder Combo
₹ 360.00 ₹ 385.00