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About Us

Why Organic Gyaan

One of the prime concerns the whole world is facing today is that everything they come across is either adulterated or unethically produced by using chemicals and pesticides. This is one of the biggest reasons why people worldwide are suffering acute health-related problems and diseases. Identifying the requirement for providing ethically sourced & amp; good quality products to customers, Organic Gyaan took the initiative of understanding the customer needs for natural, pure & organic products and delivering the same.

At Organic Gyaan we don’t just offer the products but we offer products with a purpose. A purpose to nurture and have an enriching experience by following the process

  1. We give importance to organic farming & grow products naturally by using organic manure & compost fertilizers.

  2. We personally handpick the products & make sure that they go through a thorough quality check & are later hygienically packed.

  3. It is important to consume organic products but to amplify the positive effect of organic products on one’s health it is equally important to process the organic products in the right way. Organic Gyaan is one of the few brands that gives extreme importance to the processing of the products the right way which will provide optimal benefits.

  4. We offer authentic Vedic utensils for cooking, serving and eating our organic products which provide optimum benefits to your body, mind and soul.

The Biggest Organic Mart

Located in the heart of Mumbai, our store lets you explore a wide array of organic products in just one place. It is often said that you are what you eat. Following this theory, the Organic Gyaan store offers more than 400+ grocery and non-grocery organic products.
Our store reflects our ethics to nurture peace and positivity in the body and mind by way of clean and healthy eating to tune into nature & balance our ecological system.
When you going to step through the doors of our store, this is what you will experience – Nature & Love! The soothing and calm environment of our store with superior quality organic products will enhance your shopping experience…

Vedic Processing is our
Core Strength

We offer a wide array of organic products from various categories such A2 bilona ghee, organic pure honey, organic wooden cold-pressed oil, organic ayurvedic & herbal powders, organic pounded and grains, organic flours, and organic dry fruits, Organic Snacks, Organic Super-food and seeds, spiritual Vedic books and Vedic utensils, organic home care and personal care products and much more.
Each product category we built is authentically crafted by using superior quality fresh raw materials that will help you to enhance your health and experience the highest benifits of the products. Furthermore, we also give pressing importance to our state-of-the-art processing and packaging plants that ensure retaining the original properties, original taste, aroma and nutrition of every product we offer.
Hence, at Organic Gyaan, we want to inculcate the "Sattvic Food" lifestyle (food that is pure and balanced and gives calming, happy and mental clarity) to nourish your body, mind and soul and as a result, have a positive impact on the environment as well as the globe. So, we invite all the national and international buyers to come on board and join hands with us to make this world a better living place!

Our Mission

To provide access to soulful living through a wide range of organic and natural products. We aim to achieve this goal by creating awareness and offering unique experiences via natural and organic products for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The aim is to ensure that not just us, but future generations are also able to benefit from this sustainable model in the years to come.

Our Vision

The beauty of nature lies in the five elements Air, Fire, Water, Space and Earth which work together to create a balance and provide the foundation for the entire physical world. Our aim is to make a Balanced, Healthy & Happy world accessible to all, through a wide range of Organic products. With everything you need to lead a complete and fulfilled life under one roof, you can avail a natural, holistic & sustainable lifestyle.

Who we Are

Established in the 1990s, Jajoo Group commenced their business by offering non-toxic & chemical free Holi colours PAN India as well as in the international markets such as America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The primary objective was to promote natural and healthy living that connects people back to their roots and helps them pursue an organic way of life.
After undertaking the business of non-toxic Holi colours in India and worldwide for almost two decades we have made a paradigm shift in the non-toxic Holi colour industry and accomplished new milestones. Thus, we are now even more determined and excited to expand our reach and carry forward the ‘Non-Toxic, Chemical-free culture’ by venturing into premium quality organic products under the company name Organic Gyaan. Started with a small team we were able to provide quality products and services to our customers. We aim to be one of the most sought-after organic food brands by offering premium quality organic FMCG, Eco-Friendly & amp; lifestyle products.
The Founder

Mr. Kuldeep Jajoo (Director)

We have all heard about the quote "You Are What You Eat"! Hence, diet plays a very important role in our complete well-being. The same thoughts are also backed up in scriptures and ancient texts like
|| आहार शुद्धौ   सत्त्व शुद्धिः सत्त्व शुद्धौ स्मृतिः ध्रुवा स्मृति लम्भे सर्व ग्रन्थीनां विप्र मोक्षः ||
The constituition of a man's mind is determined by the kind of food he takes, and a man's faith corresponds to his mental constitution. If a man's diet is pure, his mind too will be pure as a mattre of course. "Purity of mind follows from purity of food." - Chandogya Upanishad
Thus, this is the goal that gave birth to Jajoo Organics LLP. This venture is very special because it will allow people to experience the richness and qualitativeness of Organic Foods which will not only improve their health but will also enhance the quality of their mind and soul. It is important to make organic food a part of your everyday life in order to reflect positivity in your overall being as well as your surroundings. So, choose us and experience the difference yourself.
" आओ स्वस्थ विश्व का निर्माण करें, इस प्रकृति का सम्मान करें, यह संस्कृति हमारी अनमोल है, न सभ्यता का कोई मोल है, गो महिमा को हम जान ले, इस भारत को पहचान ले, गोबर-गोमूत्र की खेती कर, रसायनों से पार ले, सुख शांति का आह्वान करें, स्वस्थ जीवन की शुरुआत करें, जिस माँ ने तुमको पला है, आओ उसका सामान करें |
जय गोमाता! जय गोपाला! "