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Salt, a mineral essential for life, has been revered for millennia for its myriad uses and salt benefits. From the pristine ranges of the Himalayas comes the renowned Himalayan pink salt, valued not just for its distinct pink hue, but also for its rich mineral content. Black salt, with its unique sulphurous aroma, is another variant that has gained popularity, especially in Asian cuisines. Organic Gyaan offers you Himalayan pink salt & black salt online at the best prices!

If you're in pursuit of the best salt, consider Organic Gyaan because it is organically processed with high nutrition profile! Our salt benefits extend beyond just seasoning; it plays a vital role in our body’s hydration, nerve transmission, and muscle function. Today, with the ease of the internet, you can easily check the salt price and buy salt online from our online store, ensuring you get the finest quality without any hassle. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to understand the diverse salt uses to select the perfect type for your needs. Shop wisely, and enjoy the flavourful and healthful advantages of this ancient mineral.


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Himalayan Pink Salt Powder

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Kala Namak / Black Salt

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