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Welcome to our premium rice category page. Known as 'chawal' in various parts of the world, rice is more than just a staple food; it's a part of cultural traditions and cherished meals. Discover the numerous benefits of rice or chawal, which include providing energy, aiding digestion, and supporting a healthy heart. Whether you're on the hunt for the best rice to elevate your culinary dishes or seeking organic rice to ensure you're consuming pesticide-free grains, our collection caters to all your needs.

With an increasing shift towards online shopping, you can now buy rice online at our online store with utmost convenience. Our platform offers a plethora of options such as brown rice, red rice, and organic sona masoori rice, ensuring you find the healthy rice variant that suits your nutritional needs and palate. Moreover, the rice price is transparent, and competitive, and assures value for every penny spent.

Apart from its daily consumption, the uses of rice extend to skincare, craft, and even as a natural cleaner for some surfaces. From aromatic Basmati to the sturdy brown variant, every type promises distinct flavour and health benefits. Explore, choose, and buy rice online from our vast selection of organic rice, ensuring that every meal you prepare is memorable.


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Organic Brown Rice

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Red Rice

5 reviews
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Poha | White Flattened Rice

1 review
From ₹ 85.00
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Black Rice

1 review
₹ 220.00
Organic Basmati Rice

2 reviews
₹ 250.00
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Red Flattened Rice / Red Poha

1 review
From ₹ 65.00
Idli Rice

1 review
₹ 158.00