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Benefits & More
  • Pack of Siridhanya millet mix ladoos
  • Lesser Calories – Ideal for weight management
  • Rich in dietary fibre – Good for digestion
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A & B
  • Contains Calcium – Good for bones and muscles
  • Rich Source of Iron – Increase in hemoglobin 
  • A2 Bilona Cow Ghee – Rich Source of Omega 3,6 & 9 Fatty Acid
  • Organic Jaggery – Strengthen Immunity
  • Sugar-Free mix ladoos
Nutritious siridhanya millet ladoo
Siridhanya millet ladoo by organic gyaan
Siridhanya Millet Ladoo - Organic Gyaan
Types of millet ladoo



The chief role of Siridhanya millets is to offer good health and good consciousness. It is a miracle food that has unlimited health benefits. This pack of Siridhanya mix ladoo consists of – foxtail millet laddu, kodo millet laddu, little millet laddu, barnyard millet laddu, and browntop millet laddu. Each millet is considered among the positive millet grains because it comprises 8% to 12.5% of dietary fibre which is extremely good for overall well-being.

Each millet has its own characteristic and health benefits. Let us know about it in detail:

  • Foxtail Millet: The other name for this millet is Kakum or Kangni. It is loaded with carbohydrates and may help in maintaining healthy sugar levels in the body. It is also rich in Iron and thus strengthens overall immunity.
  • Barnyard Millet: It is one of the popular millets which is also known as Sanwa. It consists of a high amount of dietary fibre which may help in various digestive problems such as improving bowel movement. It may also aid in weight management. Being a rich source of calcium, consuming Banyard millet laddu in breakfast or snacks may improve your muscle health.
  • Kodo Millet: It is a perfect gluten-free delight for munching. It is super high in proteins and a fantastic source of B vitamins, especially niacin, B6, and folic acid. It is beneficial in weight management, healing wounds, and heart health.
  • Little Millet: This is known by various other names such as Moraiyo, Kutki, Shavan, and Sama. It has vitamin B and essential minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and Potassium that may improve your immunity, manage blood sugar levels, and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Brown Top: It is one of the rarest millet due to its dense nutritional profile. They can deliver you a daily dose of proteins, healthy fats, carbs, and dietary fibre which are extremely beneficial for digestive health, sugar levels, weight loss, and much more.
Moreover, all these ladoos are made using organic ingredients such as A2 Bilona cow ghee, organic jaggery, organic millet flours, gond, poppy seeds, jaiphal, green cardamom, and dry fruit mix. Thus, it makes a complete pack of the sweetest and healthiest delight.

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