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If you were looking out for natural sweetener options then you have landed on the right page!! Here you will explore the range of natural and organic sweeteners that will cater to different dietary preferences and health-conscious individuals. Our collection includes natural sweeteners, organic sweeteners, and the best natural sweeteners available in the market.

Our natural sweeteners provide a healthier alternative to refined sugars. These sweeteners, derived from natural sources such as fruits, plants, and trees, offer a delightful taste without guilt. Whether you are looking for the rich flavour of:

  • Organic Honey
  • Subtle sweetness of organic Jaggery powder or Jaggery Granules
  • Unique taste of Khandsari Sugar, Date Sugar or Brown Sugar

We have it all!

For those seeking the best natural sweetener options, we have you covered. Our organic sweeteners are sourced from certified organic farms, ensuring that they are free from pesticides, GMOs, and harmful additives. You can enjoy the natural goodness of these sweeteners while supporting sustainable farming practices.

At Organic Gyaan, you can easily buy natural sweetener online at the best prices! Enjoy the leverage of conveniently browsing through our extensive range of organic sweetener from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a health enthusiast, a baker, or simply looking to enhance the flavour of your favourite beverages, our sweetener selection has something for everyone.

Experience the sweetness of nature with our natural and organic sweeteners. We take pride in offering the best natural organic sweeteners that are carefully curated to meet our customers' highest standards. Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by exploring our natural sweetener category today.


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Khandsari Sugar

10 reviews
From ₹ 80.00
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Organic Honey

15 reviews
From ₹ 190.00
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Jaggery Powder

3 reviews
From ₹ 105.00
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Brown Sugar

10 reviews
From ₹ 85.00
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Jaggery Granules

3 reviews
₹ 90.00
Date Sugar

9 reviews
₹ 550.00