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  • 5 Potent Herbs for Blood Sugar Management
  • Jamun, Karela, Neem, Giloy & Moringa Powders
  • May help normalize Sugar Levels in the Body
  • Support healthy Glucose Metabolism
  • May help regulate Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Protects Key Organs from Sugar complications
  • Boost Immunity
  • Flush out Toxins and Improve the Digestive system 
Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management - Organic Gyaan
Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management - Organic Gyaan
Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management - Organic Gyaan
Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management - Organic Gyaan

Our Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Management Combo is a blend of 5 potent herbs: Jamun, Karela, Neem, Giloy & Moringa powders.  This combo is specially crafted for those who want to manage their blood sugar levels naturally and effectively.

These herbs are natural gifts that may help manage uncontrolled glucose spikes and ease the complications of sugar such as improper digestion, low energy, and weak immunity. Herbs such as karela, jamun, neem and moringa, optimize the production of hormones by breaking down glucose from foods. These herbs also have other benefits such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, flushing out toxins, supporting liver health, and so forth.

Thus, this combo kit is a natural blood sugar management solution that offers multiple benefits. It is absolutely natural, organic and chemical-free.

Health Benefits

  • Neem Powder is rich in antioxidants such as quercetin and nimbolide that may help protect from free radical damage.
  • Moringa Leaf Powder is a great herb to stabilize the blood sugar levels in the body due to its presence of isothiocyanates.
  • Karela Powder is an age-old ayurvedic supplement to control sugar levels in the body. Along with that it also helps to detoxify the liver, boost liver enzymes, and improve the digestive system.
  • Jamun Pwder has a low glycaemic index and keeps blood sugar levels under control. It is also a rich source of iron that may help purify the blood.
  • Giloy Powder is a powerhouse of antioxidants and thus boosts immunity. It may also help remove toxins from the body and help purify the blood. 

How To Use? 

Take 1 tbsp of any powder with warm water every morning empty stomach

Note: Take only 1 powder for a week. Do not mix the powders.

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