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khadar valli journey

The Journey of Khadar Valli: A Beacon in Millet Revolution and Its Influence on Organic Gyaan

--Dr. Khadar Valli


In the era of fad diets and fast foods, an unassuming grain called "millet" has staged a dramatic comeback, thanks largely to the efforts of a single individual: Dr. Khadar Valli. His advocacy for millets has resonated with many, and it has influenced us here at Organic Gyaan to take up the cause for this ancient grain as part of a holistic approach to health. His work has illuminated the path for many to fight against lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity by simply altering their diet to include more millet.

Who is Khadar Valli?

Dr Khadar Valli is an Indian scientist who chose to take a different path from his contemporaries. Though initially involved in research that could have led to a profitable career, he decided to dedicate his life to the betterment of public health through diet. He holds a PhD in Public Health Nutrition and left a promising job overseas to return to India and work towards reviving the cultivation of indigenous crops like millets.

Having been extensively involved in educating the public about the health benefits of millets through seminars, workshops, and publications, his work is particularly significant in India, where a shift towards processed foods and refined grains has contributed to a rise in lifestyle-related diseases. Khadar Valli recommends a return to traditional grains like millet as a part of a balanced diet to improve overall health.

He is often credited with coining the term "Siridhanyalu" for millets in the Telugu language, which essentially means 'rich grains.' According to him, each type of millet has unique properties that can assist in the prevention and treatment of various ailments. He stresses the importance of incorporating these grains not just as an alternative to rice and wheat but as a staple in regular diets.

The Millet Revolution

Millets, have been cultivated for over 10,000 years and were once the staple food across many parts of India. However, due to the commercialization of agriculture, these grains took a backseat as rice and wheat started to dominate our plates. Khadar Valli set out to change this narrative by educating farmers and consumers alike on the immense health benefits of millets.

According to him, millets are not just grains; they are medicinal foods that can prevent and help treat a wide array of health issues. Millets are gluten-free, rich in fibre, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. From Finger millet (Ragi) and Foxtail millet to Pearl millet (Bajra) and Barnyard millet, each type offers unique health benefits.

However, let's dive deep into the Understanding of Siridhanya Millets and which millets are included in Siridhanya Millet:

The term "Siridhanya" refers to certain types of millets that are considered to be highly nutritious and beneficial for health. The term is popularized by Dr. Khadar Valli, particularly in the context of Indian diets. "Siridhanya" is a Telugu term, roughly translating to 'rich grains,' highlighting the nutrient-dense nature of these grains. They are also called 5 positive millets which have immense health benefits! They are gluten-free, rich in fibre, and full of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These 5 positive millets have their unique set of benefits:

  1. Foxtail Millet – It has a sweet taste. This is a balanced food apart from having 8% of fibre. It has 12% of protein. It’s a good food to control blood sugar levels. Also, it helps to reduce the cholesterol content in the body.

  2. Kodo Millet It is sweet and acrid in taste. It helps in purifying blood, improving resistance power and overcoming anaemia and diabetes, constipation and good for sound sleep.

  3. Little Millet – It is sweet in taste. It helps in overcoming the problems of ovaries, PCOD and infertility. They help in curing the diseases of the reproductive systems in both males and females. This acts as medicine, if one gets a burning sensation in the chest after taking food or gets sour belching or feels tightening of the stomach due to gastric problems.

  4. Barnyard Millet – It is sweet in taste. This is good for the thyroid and pancreas. They help in getting rid of diabetes and constipation as there is a lot of fibre in this millet and in cleaning up the liver, kidney, and gallbladder and good for endocrinal glands. They also help in reducing jaundice and help in strengthening the liver.

  5. Browntop Millet – It is one of the traditional crops. These grains have to be soaked in water for 6 to 8 hours before cooking. These are useful for solving problems of ovaries, stomach, arthritis, BP, thyroid, eye problems and obesity.

These "Siridhanya" millets are considered not just as food grains but as medicinal foods, capable of preventing and managing lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

How Khadar Valli influenced in the Journey of Organic Gyaan?

At Organic Gyaan, we were already committed to cow culture and organic foods, but the teachings of Dr Khadar Valli further strengthened our resolve. His seminars, workshops, and lectures made us realize the potential impact of reintroducing millets into daily diets, particularly in combating lifestyle disorders that have reached epidemic proportions in recent years.

Inspired by Khadar Valli, we offer a range of millet-based products that are grown using organic farming techniques. These products are not only beneficial for health but also contribute to sustainable farming practices that are good for the planet. Our Millet-based products include:

  • All Millet Grains

  • Millet Stone Ground Flour/Activated Flour

  • Millet Ladoos made from Organic Jaggery & A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Fighting Lifestyle Disorders Through Millets

Khadar Valli's research highlights that millet can act as a deterrent against several lifestyle disorders:

  • Diabetes: High fibre content in millets helps control blood sugar levels.

  • Obesity: Low glycemic index and high fibre will keep you full for a longer time, aiding in weight management.

  • Heart Diseases: Rich in essential fatty acids and magnesium, they help in lowering bad cholesterol.

  • Hypertension: The magnesium content helps in relaxing the muscles of the heart and blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.

  • PCOD: Millets are rich in essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and fibre, which can help in balancing the hormonal levels in the body.

  • Thyroid: Being a rich source of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, including millets in everyday diet may reduce the goitrogenic effect and help to fight the thyroid.

By following a "millet-rich" diet, one can make significant strides in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

The teachings and philosophy of Dr. Khadar Valli have a universal resonance. They underscore the importance of going back to our roots to find solutions for the health challenges of the modern age. His work has not only influenced individual dietary choices but has also reignited a movement to bring millets back into mainstream agriculture and dining tables.

At Organic Gyaan, we believe in this revolution, and our product lines are a testament to that belief. We are proud to be part of a movement that not only enhances individual health but also promotes ecological sustainability. Thank you, Khadar Vali, for being a beacon in this millet revolution, illuminating a path for all of us to follow.

For more information on our millet-based products and how you can integrate them into your lifestyle, visit Organic Gyaan's official website.

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