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Jhangora / Barnyard Millet

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People worldwide are waking up to the miraculous benefits of incorporating millets into their daily meals. Organic Barnyard Millet is an effective way to yield good health. Barnyard Millet can grow in adverse environmental conditions. It has high nutritional value as compared to rice, wheat, maize. The Barnyard Millet is the fastest growing crop, producing ripe grains in less time than the sowing time under ideal weather conditions. Organic barnyard millet has remained an underutilized crop despite its nutritional benefits.

A healthy and fit lifestyle will only be possible if you could choose unpolished and good quality millets. Organic Gyaan Jhangora is an excellent source of dietary fiber with a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fractions. It is gluten-free, excellent for people with gluten intolerance or looking to follow a gluten-free lifestyle that removes wheat, rye-based foods, celiac disease, no chemicals added to increase shelf life, and zero preservatives. It is a good source of highly digestible protein and contains the least caloric density. Hence, Barnyard Millets are highly digestible cereal that is protein-rich and is a wholesome addition to your diet.

There are myriad health benefits of Organic Barnyard Millets. Incorporating Barnyard Millet into your diet may help control blood sugar levels, improve digestive health, protect your heart, and increase energy levels.

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