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benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds: Nutritions and its Health Benefits

Almost all of us are familiar with pumpkins since our childhood, right? Either through an old women’s story with a pumpkin or through Halloween parties. But you must be wondering how come this big fruit has such tiny seeds and why they exist! The reason is that pumpkin seeds are loaded with amazing minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the body. Right from improving skin and hair health to internal organs.

If you are fond of crunchy snacks, then you must prefer pumpkin seeds over junk alternatives for better health. Thus, moving ahead from the childhood story let’s understand how these small, crunchy, and nutty-flavour pumpkin seeds can help in finding a healthy substitute for a mid-time snack!

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are small in size, though often discarded, but are a powerhouse of nutrition. People also refer to these seeds as ‘pepitas’ which derives the meaning of ‘little seed of squash’ in Spanish. These seeds are widely used in Mexican cuisine and many people consume them as a nutritious snack. Pumpkin seeds are typically flat and asymmetrically oval. The husk is white in colour and the inner core is light green. You will also find some pumpkin seeds without the husk. Pumpkin seeds are generally consumed after roasting them to experience a nutty flavour, crunchy texture and salty taste.

In India, pumpkin is known as the national vegetable as it grows throughout India and it does not require any specific soil condition. There are various ways of consuming these healthy seeds daily, some of them are listed below:

  • Make your sauces interesting with pumpkin seeds.

  • Drizzle them over your salads

  • Add them to desserts

  • Eat them raw or roasted as a light-weight snack item

  • Blend in smoothies

Nutritional Profile of Pumpkin Seeds:

In the market, you may get only shell-less seeds that are ready for consumption. But pumpkin seeds really integrate diverse nutrient aspects, which may improve heart and bone health. These seeds are laden with polyunsaturated fatty acids and other essential antioxidants like selenium and beta-carotene. 

Let’s explore the pumpkin seeds nutrition parameters for 1 cup (nearly 28 grams) of pumpkin seeds:

Nutrient Specification

Nutrient Value (per 28 grams)


151 Calories


7 gms


5 gms


13 gms (Omega -6s =6 among it)


42% of RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake)


37% of RDI


33% of RDI


23% of RDI

Vitamin K

18% of RDI


Along with the above-mentioned health essentials, pumpkin seeds are also a good source of other vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Top Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are normally safe for most people for consumption except specific allergic people. Likewise, if you are allergic to seeds, you may contact your GP before starting the consumption. Avail of the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds by embedding them into your daily diet in either way you want!

1. Anti-oxidant Powerhouse

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of carotenoids and Vitamin E which may help to reduce inflammation. Inducing anti-oxidants in daily diet is a good way to keep away from distinct health problems. The high level of anti-oxidant in pumpkin seeds may keep your cells protected from harmful free radicals. It may also help in improving our immune system and maintaining healthy blood vessels.

2. Improve Quality of Sleep

Pumpkin seeds are a boon for people who are suffering from a scarcity of sleep or overall sleep-related problems. The in-built source of an amino acid called tryptophan may help promote sound sleep, improving its quality. Consuming some pumpkin seeds before sleep will give you a sufficient amount of magnesium, which may also be associated with better sleep. The amino acid content of pumpkin seeds may also help to release feel-good hormones and melatonin, which may also help to improve your overall health.

3. Cardio-Protective Benefits

The health benefits of pumpkin seeds also cover any heart-related problems.  Being a rich source of unsaturated fats like alpha-linolenic acid, pumpkin seeds may help in preventing cardiovascular disease and promoting good heart health. Additionally, vital elements like zinc and magnesium may help in keeping the core healthy. When research is conducted with women of 45+ age, pumpkin seeds benefits for females got highlighted. Eating pumpkin seeds improved good cholesterol and helped regulate blood pressure levels. Also, the nitric acid ingredient may bring positive effects on cardiovascular health.

4. Maintain the Blood Sugar Balance

People suffering from controlling their blood sugar levels may get benefits of eating pumpkin seeds significantly in the form of regulating blood sugar levels. When consumed as raw pumpkin seeds it may help balance the sugar levels as they are a rich source of magnesium.  

5. Improve Men’s Health

Many men suffer from low zinc levels, which produce different male-specific health problems. Pumpkin seeds benefits for men may help them from these problems with integrated high-content of zinc and anti-oxidants. Being the enriched source of vital elements for men’s health, pumpkin seeds are a must-have in men’s diet.

6. Promote Digestive Health

If you follow the pumpkin seeds nutrition chart, you find that these seeds are a dominant source of dietary fibre.  You will be happy to know that approx. 28 grams of shelled seeds contain 1.1 grams of fibre. This can promote good digestive health and associated benefits like maintaining a moderate weight, managing blood sugar, and suppressing cravings.

Pumpkin, this Halloween and Thanksgiving fruit is not only used for decoration and as story material but features a lot of health benefits that are backed by medical science too. Not only the fruit is useful but pumpkin seeds benefits may seem inviting for good health. Listen to the rolling pumpkin story, celebrate the festivals, and also consume the pumpkin seeds to get enhanced health! The best way to consume them is by buying organic pumpkin seeds from our online store!

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