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food for naturally healthy and glowing skin

15 Best Foods for Naturally Glowing & Healthy Skin

Don’t you be among the ones who desire naturally glowing skin without the effect of makeup? You are not alone! Almost everyone on this earth wishes for radiant and flawless skin. What do you do to get this? Applying layers of makeup or following a skincare routine? The prior one will give you a temporary effect and the latter alone is insufficient to completely achieve the goal. The health of every single part of our body is linked with the food we eat. Skin health is not an exception. So, if you want to improve your skin quality and want naturally nourished skin, then your diet must include the best foods for your skin.

1. Avocados

Food containing healthy fat is essential to skin food to keep the skin moisturized and flexible. Avocado contains a specific type of healthy fat to get supple and springy skin. Antioxidants in avocado also protect your skin from sun damage, and apparently, from wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Vitamin E plays a significant role in skin health and avocado aces in it. Vitamin E and C combination of avocado create skin structural protein- collagen and keep your skin strong and healthy.

2. Walnuts

Dry fruits are the best foods for skin health, and walnut fulfil the requirements prominently. Walnuts are loaded with essential fatty acids and improve skin health a lot. Additionally, they have a good ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which require skin to function properly and stay healthy. Walnut is a prime source of zinc which makes your skin ready to combat bacteria and inflammation.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the foods for glowing skin and shield your skin by acting as a natural sunblock. The vitamin A of sweet potatoes may help your skin from sunburn, dryness, and wrinkles. Sweet potatoes may bring a nice glow tint to the skin and vitamin C creates collagen, which keeps your skin healthy. Get natural blush to your skin with in-built beta carotene and upscale your overall skin appearance.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is loaded with zinc, vitamin A, and C which are components of essential skin food. These minerals and vitamins keep skin healthy and naturally glowing. Lutein of broccoli works like beta carotene and brings glowing changes to your skin. The rich nutrient variants lower the risk of skin cancer. It is a powerhouse of all essentials to fight against ageing, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne. The isothiocyanates of broccoli deeply detoxify the body at the cellular level.

5. Tomatoes

“Your chicks are cherry tomatoes!”, there may be perhaps someone who will not like this comment! Tomatoes bring firmness to the skin with inhabitant collagen. It also contributes to the formation of fibroblasts so that new cells are germinated and they can replace the dead ones. The lycopene also multiplies the generation of collagen and protects your skin from free radicals.  They are also a good source of Vitamin C and all the major carotenoids and become the best foods for skin repair.

6. Cucumber

You must have used slices of cucumber on your eyes as a part of your monthly skincare routine. They are just for eye soothing but also offer other benefits for complete skin. Cucumber with 95% watery content, hydrates your skin which in turn promote glowing skin. Apart from skin, cucumber also works well on chapped lips and makes them soft.

7. Fruits

Fruits are the best foods for the skin as they are packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for naturally glowing and impeccable skin. Fruits fall into berries categories and are best considered in bright line eating. Blueberries shield your skin from damage due to sun exposure and fight against free radical damage. Strawberries, with inherent antioxidants and collagen production-boosting compounds, may improve skin texture and make it evenly elastic. Oranges are known as a supreme source of Vitamin C, which may promote healing and reduce tan. Mangoes also improve skin texture and tighten it with in-built carotenoids and Vitamin A. Inclusion of various fruits mentioned above and like pomegranate, papaya, banana, and others highly impact skin quality, skin tone and make it radiant.

8. Carrots

Ageing is a process which directly impacts the skin quality and its health. So, it is always recommended to include food that reverts or slows the ageing process. Carrots are considered essential skin food as they are good sources of antioxidants and beta-carotene. They boost tissue generation and guard the skin against sun damage. Carrots activate the production of excess cells on the outer layer of the skin. These cells, when paired with sebum, may help to clog pores and reduces the risk of acne breakout. Thus, the inclusion of carrots in the daily diet may give you even and flawless skin.

9. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are not only for weight loss but also for skin health. They are loaded with various skin vitamins like A, C, and minerals like iron and potassium. With this nutrient-dense profile, chia seeds boost skin elasticity and make it shine from the inside. The tiny seeds are a good source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, dietary fibre and other nutrients, and are excellent for getting naturally glowing skin.

10. Almonds

Almonds are considered as the foods for glowing skin. They contain ample monosaturated fats which improve skin health. They are loaded with fibre, vitamin E, protein, and calcium which combinedly ensure skin tightness, protection from free radicals, and maintain skin’s youthfulness. One can make a routine of eating overnight-soaked almonds on an empty stomach to get glowing skin. The essential nutrients keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. The dense nutrient profile may help in repairing damage and achieving healthy skin.  

11. Dark Chocolate

Wondered to see this item on this list? But yes, dark chocolate is brimming with health vitals that are crucial for your skin. The rich cocoa inherits nutrients like fats, antioxidants, nitrogen, iron, zinc, copper, and others which enables you to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as let your body absorb these nutrients.

12. Flax Seeds

Getting flawless skin is not an overnight task. It requires continuous and sustainable efforts that should concentrate on both diet and physical exercise. That’s why we should include foods for clear skin in our daily diet. Omega-3 vitals are considered the best for the skin. Flaxseeds are the best sources of it. Apart from this connection, these brown seeds are home to a good amount of protein, lipids, and minerals that are directly connected to skin glowing.

13. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great boon for us. It is used not only for satiating thirst but also for refining skin health. By drinking coconut water regularly, you are nourished with protein, sugar, minerals, and nitrogenous compounds that play a significant role in detoxifying your skin. Coconut water replenishes the skin with in-built electrolytes and minerals and makes the skin soft and supple.  

14. Yellow Bell Pepper

Yellow bell pepper has achieved the honour of being recommended foods for glowing skin. The sunny colour veggie is loaded with Vitamin C which boosts collagen production and makes skin ready against free radical skin damage. The colourful yellow bell peppers provide carotene which is converted to vitamin A and acts as a natural sunblock. One can get an orange-pinkish tinge to the skin so that your skin looks unblemished from the inside with naturally present carotene in the yellow bell pepper.

15. Turmeric

We all know turmeric is the best foods for skin repair. Turmeric has been an integral part of skin care products with its natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic features. It also speeds up the healing process and reduces the pigmentation. Turmeric can be used in different cuisines or can be eaten raw on an empty stomach with jaggery.

Other Influencing Factors for Radiant Skin:

It is everyone’s desire to have skin with a clear complexion and radiant glow. There are some influencing factors which contribute to achieving this and they are:

  • Hormones

  • Individual Health and medical conditions

  • Diet

  • Genetics

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Environmental factors

Super Six Tips to make your Skin naturally radiant are:

  1. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well-hydrated.

  2. Include colourful vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

  3. Get a daily dose of vitamin C.

  4. Detox your body.

  5. Exercise regularly.

  6. Embrace exfoliation.

Flaunting a glowing and flawless skin is an indication of your robust health and surely boosts your confidence. Despite being surrounded by a polluted environment, it may look next to impossible to achieve and maintain radiant skin. You can rely on certain food items to achieve this tedious goal. A well-planned diet enriched with healthy fat and vitamins may contribute to improved skin health. Include above-mentioned the best foods for skin and throw away all makeup accessories as you will have naturally glowing skin to shine!