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healthy snacks for weight loss

17 Healthy Snacks that can Aid in Weight Loss

Weight loss has become a word of mouth nowadays! With different diet regimes and workout patterns that are emerging day by day, people who want to shed those extra weight become confused over what to eat and what not to! Following the diet and workout regimes, people get stumbled when it comes to snacks.  Are you among those ones? Then you have hit the right page! We are back with the top 17 healthy snacks options that will accompany you throughout your weight loss journey and not let add you to the weighing scale! Not only get familiar with those 17 healthy snacks for weight loss but also learn how they can aid you to become obsessed with the perfect figure/body!

1. Almonds

Calories: 576 cal/100 gm

Nuts like almonds work magically during your weight loss journey. Almonds are healthy snacks as they are loaded with health vitals such as fibre, healthy fats, and proteins that may reduce your weight in a healthy way. Also, almonds are a good source of an amino acid called L-arginine, which may curb your calories around the belly and may be linked with higher fat metabolism. Almonds reduce LDL cholesterol and target belly fat burning. Not only almonds but other members of the nut family like walnuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts also contribute positively to the weight loss journey.

2. Flax Seeds

Calories: 534 cal/100 gm

Flax seeds work as a wonder for weight loss! They are a powerhouse of fibre and can suppress your cravings. Use the best snacks for weight loss in powdered form or soak them overnight in a glass of water and drink it in the morning. The monosaturated fats of flax seeds can work efficiently to reduce fat around the belly area. Go out of the box and adopt the variations to sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds to reap their benefits for weight loss.

3. Granola Bars

Calories: 471 cal/100 gm

Granola bars or chikkis are almost everyone’s favourite snack items that are easy to carry, low on sugar, and can be quickly eaten. With a simple recipe, granola bars are the best snacks for weight loss and inch loss, too. Granola bars are made up of flax seeds, and chia seeds that are active components of the weight loss process. Thus, they are enriched with fibre, protein, and essential vitamins so they are great to have before and after workout. Granola bars keep your body energized, improve digestion, and keep you fuller for a longer time.

4. Oatmeal

Calories: 68 cal/100 gms

Oatmeal has been emerged as favourite breakfast cereal in recent years as it actively contributes to weight loss. This quintessential nutritious whole grain is loaded with dietary fibre and high protein as compared to other options. One can cook various low fat snacks with both sweet and savoury tastes. Indulge yourself by topping it with fruits, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and others. If you are more on the savoury side, add avocado, tomatoes, or mushrooms. Oatmeal snacks are good at lowering bad cholesterol levels and maintaining blood sugar levels. Include this quickly cooked cereal in your diet chart and cut down weighing figures also.

5. Greek Yogurt and Berries

Calories: 100.5 cal

Greek yoghurt is known for its low-fat health quotient and for making you feel more satiated after eating. It is rich in protein and calcium and thus increases your appetite-suppressing hormones. Greek yogurt, when combined with berries becomes the best low-fat snacks option that too with a lip-smacking taste. This combination works greatly with lower body weight, body fat percentage, and waist inches. Berries on the top retain a higher water content and the lowest GI among all fruits. Thus, their nutrient-dense profile can fulfil a great portion of your daily requirements as well as can contribute to reducing weight.

6. Chickpeas and Onion Salads

Calories: 280 cal/200gm

Chickpeas rises a fantastic weight loss snacks item, especially if you are looking for plant-based protein and fibre sources. The fibre content of chickpeas can keep you fuller for a longer time, along with keeping your gut healthy. Curd used in the recipe gives you a tangy taste and more protein and calcium. A type of flavonoid – Quercetin of onion promotes metabolism and prevents the building up of fat. This duo may take some time to get prepared but it is worth waiting as the final result is enriched with potassium, iron, folate, Vitamin A, E, C, and polyunsaturated fatty acid.

7. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Calories:  250 cal

We all know fruits are the best options when it comes to finding healthy snacks for weight loss. Apples are one of the best fibre-rich fruits. Bring some taste-improving quotient by applying peanut butter to the slices. This healthy addition can provide you with healthy fats, plant-based protein, and a perfect filing, creamy, and crispy snack option.

8. Chia Pudding

Calories: 152 Cal

Chia seeds are the best weight loss item that has gained peak popularity in recent years. Chia pudding is one of the easiest ways of consuming these seeds in a daily diet. This tasty dish can calm your thirst for dessert and is loaded with fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, and plant-based protein. The dish with jelly-like consistency reduces cravings for unhealthy, high-calorie snacks and keeps you fuller for a longer time.

9. Roasted Makhana

Calories: 347 cal/100 gms

Makhana or lotus seeds are a perfect answer for what are healthy snacks! They are good sources of protein with low calorie and fat quotient. Roasted makhana with little salt and spices can give you a better snack option. Consuming 30-50 gm makhana daily can give you a satiated feeling and can prevent you from overeating. The protein and fibre density are linked with better weight management and work great, especially in belly fat reduction.

10. Millet Ladoo

Calories: 520 cal/100 gm

Who don’t like ladoos? But don’t fall for sugar-loaded regular ones, instead, prefer the millet ladoos. The high-fibre content of millet may help in promoting satiety and may keep you fuller for longer time. Also, the jaggery and ghee used for binding may enhance the taste and health quotient. Millet makes the dish rich in nutrients, fudgy, and perfect for your weight loss journey. The gluten-free and highly addictive millets ladoos are one of the healthy snacks that are loved by all. Explore our product catalogue, and switch to our most-demanded snacks like foxtail millet ladoo, browntop millet ladoo, kodo millet ladoo, and little millet ladoo and satisfy your sweet cravings also.

11. Peanut Chaat

Calories: 327.8 cal/100 gm

If you are a peanut lover, then peanut chaat is a perfect weight loss snacks alternative for you. It is best consumed by pairing it with fruits like raw mangoes, corn, pomegranate, and a sprinkle of spices. Satisfy your hunger with this utmost filling and nutrient-dense snack without sacrificing your love for chaat items.

12. Khakhra

Calories: 332 cal/100 gm

Khakhra is considered one of the best healthy snacks for weight loss. They are a rich source of dietary fibre, and other health essentials like minerals, and vitamins and make the dish complete. Ingredients of khakhra may help to reduce cholesterol and may lower the risks of heart strokes. The fermentation process of khakhra making makes it easy to digest and can reduce weight.

13. Avocado Smoothies

Calories: 323.2 cal/100 gm

If you are an exotic fruit lover, then avocado smoothies will not be new for you. Avocado smoothies may help you to lose weight and even maintain it. The rich anti-inflammatory ingredients and oleic acid may improve digestion properties. It also reduces the risk of obesity and keeps you well-maintained. Avocado smoothies are the best snacks for weight loss when you don’t have much to eat and little semi-liquid food can calm your thirst.

14. A Banana and Almonds

Calories: 151 cal/1 small glass

Nuts and fruits duo are always a hit combo when it comes to finding weight loss snacks. Almonds are rich in dietary fibre and minerals like magnesium can aid in the weight loss journey. Banana is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and other health essentials and is easily available. The combined energy source keeps you satiated until your next big meal.

15. Buttermilk

Calories: 41 cal/ 100 ml

Buttermilk is good Indian healthy snacks for weight loss. The homely drink is really refreshing, and brings taste to your mouth when you are in the recovery phase. Consuming a glass of buttermilk after lunch will give you a satiated feeling and can fulfil at least some portion of the daily requirement of fat and fibre. Abundant ingredients of buttermilk may aid in promoting satiety and reducing appetite.

16. Air-popped Popcorns

Calories: 387 cal/100 gm

Almost everyone loves popcorn! They are great snack food during movies, gossips, and during travel. With high fibre content, they are low on calorie and energy density scales. But don’t fall for caramel or salt-loaded popcorn that we get at multiplexes. Prefer air-popped popcorns as they are good at filling fibres and low in calorie meter. Air-popped popcorns are good to have as low fat snacks in the evening as they can keep you fuller till dinner time.

17. Cottage Cheese

Calories: 98 cal/100 gm

Cottage cheese, to the surprise, is low in calories with a mild flavour. Adding this highly nutritious healthy snacks option to your snack list can give you muscle gain. You can apply all your culinary skills to try out diverse cottage cheese recipes. Even herbed cottage cheese can fulfil your requirement for a low carb high protein snack option, adding potassium and other minerals to your body.

Snacking at night impacts you a lot when you are figuring out your weight. So, prefer nutrient-dense foods over binge eating. So, what are healthy snacks? Snacks like avocado, popcorn, khakhra, fruits, and nuts when consumed at night are less likely to impact your weight figures.

Many people who are on a weight loss journey hesitate to include snacks in their diet, assuming that they are not healthy. But not all snacks ruin your weight loss goals. Believe us healthy snacks for weight loss exist! Hope the above health blog has calmed your doubts about what to eat in-between meals and how they can sustain your dedication to weight loss. Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite food items, instead, search for their healthy alternatives. Satisfy your tastebuds with their delicious taste as well as do not get off the track during our weight loss journey! Stay happy and healthy with these scrumptious healthy snacks and enjoy guilt-free snacking!