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DID YOU KNOW? Choosing The Right Grain Can Reverse Lifestyle Disorders! - Organic Gyaan

DID YOU KNOW? Choosing The Right Grain Can Reverse Lifestyle Disorders!

Lifestyle disorders such as obesity, diabetes, pcod, thyroid, hypertension and heart disease have become prevalent in recent times due to changes in our lifestyle, particularly in our “diet”. Choosing the right grains can play a significant role in reversing these lifestyle disorders. I am sure after reading so much you must be thinking how “GRAINS” can reverse or save you from getting hit by a lifestyle disorder. Well, the answer to that is YES!

Let’s first talk about the facts, today whatever diet we take in or the food we eat – 65% of that just includes grains! This is the major reason that people around the world are suffering from various chronic lifestyle disorders and diseases. However, the good news is that it can be reversed or can be controlled by following the right practices!

What Are The 2 Major Aspects/Practices to Reverse Lifestyle Disorders?

  1. The Work Out
  2. The Conscious Food Choices

These two are the most important aspects or practices that you need to be careful about to achieve optimal physical health!

So, let’s start with the 1st aspect i.e. The Workout!

I am sure when we talk about working out the things that would first come to our minds are – gym, aerobics, zumba or yoga! Well, all these workout practices are great but Yoga holds a special place and is above all other workouts because it took birth in India 5000 years ago and now it has been adopted at international levels too!

Yoga is a holistic practice that just doesn’t work on your physical well-being but also on the mental, emotional and well-being of your soul that will help you connect to the Supersoul!

But, your journey of Yoga is incomplete without having a conscious food effort! If YOGA is fire, then FOOD is your fuel and when fire & fuel come together that will ignite the spark of “Good Health” in you!

Now, we talk about our 2nd most important aspect or practice i.e. The Conscious Food Choices!

As mentioned earlier, 65% of the food that we consume is Grains so let’s have a detailed insight into this part of our conscious food choices!

So, we have 3 types of Grains:

  1. Negative Grains
  2. Neutral Grains
  3. Positive Grains

Negative Grains

Neutral Grains

Positive Grains


Rice & Wheat


Jau, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Proso millet & Rajgira


Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Browntop Millet & Barnyard Millet

Taking you back to history, Rice & Wheat are grains that actually never belonged to India they were imported from foreign countries. The rice has been imported from Southeast Aisa (China) and the wheat has been imported from Middle East (Turkey, Syria & Iraq).

But our neutral and positive millets are the grains that belong to our country i.e., India. Thus, it’s time to shift to positive and neutral grains to lead a healthy and happy life!

Our PM Narendra Modi has also given a lot of importance to the millets and consuming millets. Also, 2023 is declared as an International Millet Year by U N Nations and has been supported by 72 more countries worldwide for including millet in their daily diet.

So, time to switch to positive and neutral millet and start including in your diet to reverse all kinds of lifestyle disorders.