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what is gir cow

What is Gir Cow?

Cows have been an integrated part of our lives since time immemorial. Our dependency on them for various cow products such as milk, cow dung, ghee, curd, urine and other purposes has kept us connected to our cows. No wonder, in India, many farmers in villages consider their cows as an important part of the family. Even today in many rural villages of India you can witness that cows are worshipped and addressed as “GAU MATA”!! The reason is that the cow is not represented just as an animal but she is one of the most important MOTHERS ON EARTH!

It is also mentioned in our scriptures – Shrimad-Bhagavatam {SB Canto 1}

That there are Seven Mothers:

1) The Real Mother

2) The Wife of the Spiritual Master

3) The Wife of a Brahmana

4) The Wife of the King

5) The Cow

6) The Nurse

7) The Earth

Thus, cows play a pivotal role in our culture! Talking about the largest milk producer in the world then India comes first which contributes to 23% of global milk production. Furthermore, when we talk about the cultivation of cow breeds in India then you will find that most cows belong to the desi breeds out of which gir cow has grabbed the top ranking in the desi cow list in India.

What is Gir Cow?

Gir cow is an Indian breed of cow native to Gir Hills and forests of Kathiawar district in Gujrat. It belongs to one of the principal Zebu breeds. Gir cow breed gets its name from the forest of Gir. Not only in India, but the Gir cow is widely famous outside the country as well. Many leading countries like the US, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil import this breed from India and have succeeded in breeding there too. This zebu breed also has variants and is equally popular as the original gir cow. This humped breed is highly tolerant to stress conditions and resistant to tropical animal diseases. If you are following health trends, A2 milk is not a new word for you. Gir cow is the biggest milker of A2 milk which is no less than a magic liquid for humans. Extremely rich in nutrient variants like Vitamin A, B, D and Omega3 6, & 9, A2 milk is easy to digest and works as an immunity booster.

Depending upon the native region of the cow, this dairy animal derives different types of gir cow which are listed below:

  • Bhadawari

  • Desan

  • Sorthi

  • Gujarati

  • Surati

  • Kathiawari

  • Brahman Breed

Apart from the last one, all breeds are native to India and get their name from the place of origin regions they belong to. You can find similar names of districts in Gujrat state. But the last one is cultivated in North America.

What are the Basic Characteristics of Gir Cow?

Being a prime source of A2 Milk, Gir cows are an important dairy animal in India. On average, a Gir cow produces 6-10 litres of milk per day. When nurtured better, this production can be maximised. The physical appearance of the Gir Cow stands out from the other breed of cows and can be identified easily with its unique features such as:

  • The average height of a Gir cow is 1.30 to 1.35m whereas the physical weight of a Gir cow ranges from 400 to 475 kgs and that of a Gir bull is 550-650 kgs.

  • The original gir cow can be identified with its distinctive appearance. It has a rounded, domed, and convex forehead, and prominent hipbones and its hooves are black and medium-sized.

  • Gir cow has pendulous and long ears which are folded like a leaf on the tip. It has horns that are bent and turned back.

  • One of the distinctive characteristics of the original gir cow is the long tail. Few of them have a long tail that reaches ground level as well.

  • The colour of the Gir cow typically falls in between the range of red to yellow to white. They have loose, smooth, and shining skin. The brisket part is large and is covered with thin skin.

  • The Hump of the Gir cow is not bending and is the largest among all indigenous cattle breeds. The Surya Ketu Nadi in the hump produces gold salts in cow blood when exposed to solar rays.

Why Gir Cow is the favourite breed among the Major Milk Producers?

Although other desi cows are economically affordable, the benefits one gets from Gir cows are just incomparable and irresistible.  Highly nutritious A2 cow milk is one of the prime benefits we get, but let’s dig more to explore the other reasons that will highlight why Gir cow is the dream livestock of every milk producer:

1. An Exceptional Breed

Gir cows are different from other desi and jersey cows because of their unique milk properties, thickness, and nutrient profile. This breed can survive in almost any climate conditions. Being native to the tropical region, they are more powerful to resist and survive many tropical diseases. This exceptional breed is best known for its A2 milking prowess, which is highly recommendable as well as it is also beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant.

2. For Agricultural Purpose

Not only the gir cows but the gir bulls are also useful for agricultural purposes because of their extreme strength and power. In villages, farmers take the help of Gir Cows for soil tilling and to carry out other activities on the farms. Since the domestication of agriculture and live stocks, cow dung is used as a natural fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen that benefits soil and crop growth. Even gir cow urine is super beneficial because it possesses many medicinal properties that can give advantages to the body. Cow urine contains many trace minerals such as calcium, ammonia, fluoride, and phosphorous.

3. Naturally blessed with Surya Ketu Nadi

One of the major differences between gir cow and other Indian and international breeds of cow is the prominent hip bone and high hump. The hump of Gir Cow is attached to Surya Ketu Nadi (vein) which is associated with natural healing power. When these cows are exposed to natural sunlight, this vein secretes gold salt in the cow’s blood fluids which gives the natural golden colour to butter and ghee made from the gir cow milk. These salts may help to fight many diseases both in humans as well as animals.

Many milk producers in India are now promoting indigenous Gir cows because of the enormous benefits they get from them. Having a gir cow is like possessing a valuable asset!! If you have a proper environment and a systematic infrastructure, then just go for it! Or else you can start consuming the highly nutritious A2 gir cow milk or A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee for enhanced health!

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