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A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Does A2 Gir Cow Ghee Contain Cholesterol – Myths & Facts?

When we hear the word cholesterol, our thoughts immediately drift to something bad. The numerous heart attacks that our friends and family have experienced as a result of excessive cholesterol are most likely to blame. While it is true that it can be unhealthy for you, the real danger comes from high levels of bad cholesterol.  However, on the other hand, there is good cholesterol as well which is a healthier alternative and a real deal! 

Now you must be wondering how cholesterol in ghee can be good?!?!?! The truth to be told, the good cholesterol is most commonly found in A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee. But, in order to comprehend how A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee has “GOOD CHOLESTEROL” we must first comprehend the genuine definition of cholesterol.  

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of lipid, a waxy substance, that helps your body create cell membranes, bile, hormones and Vitamin D. Lipids usually don’t break down in the water and thus stay together in your blood.  As a result, they go via your blood to the many areas of your body that require them. The amount of cholesterol your body requires is produced by your liver. But you can also consume more cholesterol through your diet.

Your body has a mechanism for eliminating extra cholesterol, but occasionally, that system is overburdened and performs below par. As a result, excess cholesterol is clogged in your blood which can cause you trouble. Cholesterol in itself isn’t bad and is necessary for the smooth functioning of your body but anything in excess is harmful. Thus, it is imperative to learn about the types of cholesterol to gain a broader spectrum of understanding.

So, the most common Three Types Of Cholesterol are:

  • LDL or BAD Cholesterol

  • HDL or Good Cholesterol

  • VLDL Cholesterol

Types Of Cholesterol comparing with HDL, LDL and VLDL
1. LDL or BAD Cholesterol:

LDL, also known as low-density lipoproteins, are small particles made of cholesterol which is circulated in your body’s cells. But they are called “bad” cholesterol. Why? Because once they become excess in your body, they start to build up walls surrounding your arteries. These fatty deposits form plaque that gets bigger over time and raises the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other diseases.

Foods that increase LDL or Bad Cholestrol

Processed meat, deep-fried fast food, processed foods such as biscuits & pastries, takeaway foods such as burgers & pizzas, butter, palm oil, regular ghee, etc.

2. HDL or Good Cholesterol

HDL, also known as high-density lipoproteins, is made of healthy proteins. It is termed as “good” cholesterol because it takes extra cholesterol out of your bloodstream and transports it to your liver. Your liver then breaks down the cholesterol and gets rid of it. This process is called reverse cholesterol transport.

Foods that increase HDL or Bad Cholestrol

Olive oil, whole grains like quinoa or barley, nuts and seeds such as walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, berries like raspberries and blueberries, A2 bilona cow ghee, etc.

3. VLDL Cholesterol

VLDL, is also known as, very low-density lipoproteins. It is one of the types of LDL. They carry triglycerides and cholesterol, and their protein content is low thus they are also considered bad cholesterol as they can contribute to plaque build-up in your arteries and cause various cardiovascular diseases.

Foods that increase VLDL or Bad Cholestrol

Processed meat, deep-fried fast food, processed foods such as biscuits & pastries, takeaway foods such as burgers & pizzas, butter, palm oil, etc.

Cardiac Benefits Of A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Good Cholesterol in A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Well, we are aware of the fact that anything in excess can be harmful. The same goes for excess consumption of A2 Gir Cow Bilona ghee. But the interesting fact about A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is that when you include it moderately in your daily diet it helps to increase HDL i.e., the good cholesterol in your body.

The reason being, A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is a rich source of Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids which are usually absent in the regular ghee that is available in the market. These fatty acids are extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the ghee that is obtained from our Desi Indian Breed Gir Cows A2 milk is rich in A2 protein which is greatly responsible to build up HDL or High-Density Lipoproteins in our body that combat bad cholesterol levels by extracting them out of the bloodstream. Also, the proline present in the A2 Gir Cow Ghee helps strengthen the heart muscles and arteries which reduces the risk of any major cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, consuming A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee moderately in your daily diet can keep your cholesterol levels in good shape!

Organic Gyaan’s A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee doesn’t only possess good cholesterol but is a jar full of other vital nutrients as well such as antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E & K, a rich source of B2 & B3, minerals, iron and calcium. Hand-churned to perfection using the Vedic 'Bilona' process, just a tablespoon of A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is enough to avoid all the bad cholesterol and stay fit & healthy!

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