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A Story of Wilson conquering Psoriasis through Organic Living

A Story of Wilson conquering Psoriasis through Organic Living

Wilson's Battle and Breakthrough

Wilson Lewis's life was deeply impacted by psoriasis, a chronic autoimmune condition that left him with painful, scaly skin patches. He spent years trying conventional treatments, from prescription medications to various alternative therapies, yet nothing provided lasting relief. His struggle continued until he stumbled upon Organic Gyaan, a haven for those seeking health through organic means.

At Organic Gyaan, Wilson was introduced to a world where food is more than sustenance—it's medicine. He embarked on a transformative journey, overhauling his diet to focus on organic, natural foods. Wilson integrated A2 bilona gir cow ghee, known for its pure, anti-inflammatory properties, into his diet. He also embraced millets like kodo and ragi, ancient grains that are not only nutritious but also naturally gluten-free, making them perfect for his condition.

The shift was profound. Wilson noticed significant improvements not only in the symptoms of psoriasis but also in his overall energy levels and vitality. This new diet, coupled with lifestyle changes like adopting intermittent fasting and eliminating processed foods, helped Wilson regain control over his health.

Watch Wilson's Inspiring Story

Watch the video below to hear Wilson discuss his fight against psoriasis, the transformative role of Organic Gyaan, and the significant health improvements from his shift to organic living.


Embracing a Healthier Future

Inspired by Wilson's story? Consider exploring the world of organic living with Organic Gyaan. Whether you are battling a health condition or simply aiming to improve your general wellbeing, Organic Gyaan offers a range of products that can support your health goals. Join the movement towards a healthier life and discover how organic choices can make a significant difference.