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Why Is Coconut Oil Good for You? A Healthy Oil for Cooking - Organic Gyaan

Why Is Coconut Oil Good for You? A Healthy Oil for Cooking

If you visit southern India, you will be mesmerized to see females with long black hair enhancing their beauty. The secret of this lies in their cooking oil. Using coconut oil for cooking is common in the South India region. Many of us may wonder as we have considered coconut oil for hair. But there is another- side of this magic oil that needs more exploration. Getting defamed as having the most-saturated fat contents, coconut oil was having less exposure before some time. But awareness about its properties and benefits is causing the oil to get the limelight back again.  

What Is Hidden Inside Coconut Oil?

Coconut is very nutrient rich and is an easily available fruit. Coconut nutrition gets dripped down in the oil, which is widely used as edible oil and for cosmetic purposes. This oil is high in saturated fat- almost 86%, which makes the oil more stable and oxidant resistant. It has a melting point of 78°F, and thus this oil is normally in a solid state at room temperature. This oil is available in three types:

  •   Refined coconut oil

  •   Unrefined coconut oil

  •   Virgin coconut oil

    Depending upon the manufacturing process these oils differ from each other. It is observed that all these oils have similar nutritional values, just the aroma and colour are different. Due to high medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, it is recommended that people suffering from high cholesterol levels should restrict the use of this oil.

    Can You Consider Coconut Oil as Cooking Oil?

    Uplifted as a superfood by some and disguised as a source of saturated fat by others, the use of coconut oil remains always in the dilemma. This controversial oil offers several health benefits when used in moderation and brings that unique nutty-sweet flavour to the recipes. Here are some interesting points to make a note of while opting for this oil:
    • If you are using coconut oil for cooking, you can use it in both solid and liquid form. But it is advised that you better stick to the form which is stated in the recipe.

    • Most of the time, recipes demand melted coconut oil. To do this without a mess, you can microwave it in short intervals or melt it in a saucepan for a few minutes.

    • Another point you will also note while using this oil is, measuring liquid coconut oil is far easier than that solid.

    • If you are using other ingredients with melted coconut oil, bring them to room temperature before mixing to avoid clumping.

    Coconut oil works great on the human body and provides several health benefits. Get the view of the benefits of eating coconut oil from a health perspective:
    • Coconut oil is exceptionally rich in lauric acid which may improve the blood lipid composition.

    • Coconut oil’s moderate consumption may improve levels of HDL, decreasing the potential risks of heart disease.

    • Coconut oil may help in reducing belly fat and suppress appetite, resulting in overall weight management.

    • Applying coconut oil on the roots of hair strands and massaging it gently can improve hair growth and shine; also, it is very useful for bringing a radiant glow to the face.

    • The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil may help in fighting against harmful microorganisms.

    Learn Some Tips And Interesting Recipes Using Coconut Oil

    End your search for healthy cooking oil with coconut oil and learn some handy tips that will help you to use this oil for cooking.

    1.  With different types of fats with different melting points, coconut oil can be grainy sometimes. To dissolve the lumps, melt the oil in a saucepan, microwave, or double boiler prior.

    2. It is better to keep refined coconut oil for high-heat recipes and unrefined for medium-heat sauteing and baking purposes.

    3. If you are replacing the solid fats with coconut oil, then lower the measure to 1/4th than that mentioned in the original recipes because it contains more fat solids.

    4. It is advised that unrefined coconut oil should not be heated above 350F and the number for refined is 400F to prevent smoking.

    Here is a top-picked recipe that uses coconut oil. Follow it and try your culinary skills with this oil.


    This is a famous south Indian recipe that uses lots of vegetables, freshly grated coconut, and curd. The taste of this authentic dish enhances with coconut oil. Here is the detailed recipe:


    • Chopped Mix Vegetables- (potatoes, drumsticks, carrots, French beans, pumpkin, raw banana)- 2 cups

    • Thick curd- ½ cup

    •  Water and Salt- as needed


    ½ cup grated coconut, 1-2 green chillies, 1 tsp cumin seeds, ¼ tsp turmeric powder

    Temper it with:

    2 tsp virgin coconut oil, ½ tsp mustard seeds, ½ tsp cumin seeds, few curry leaves


    1. Cook the chopped vegetables with sufficient water and add some turmeric powder.

    2. Make a thin paste by grinding the ingredients mentioned under grind section.

    3. Sim the flame after the vegetables gets cooked. Add the ground mixture. Add salt when the mixture boils.

    4. Get the pan off from flame and add curd and stir quickly to prevent curdling.

    5.  Take the tadka pan with coconut oil. Add the tempering material one by one. Add this tempering to aviyal and mix well. Serve warm with rice!  

      It is said that you must bring variety in edible oils to reap the benefits of all. Coconut oil for cooking gives you another option that can come with several health benefits and enhances the cuisine with its unique aroma and taste. Replace your regular edible oil with purely organic coconut oil, especially when you are trying high-heat methods like frying. Go out of the box and try this option for giving a healthy twist to your regular recipes. Visit us for hygienically prepared organic coconut oil and get back with your hit recipes!

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