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Is Coconut Oil Suitable for the Keto Diet? - Organic Gyaan

Is Coconut Oil Suitable for the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet has been a word of mouth for most of us who are following the various health trends and diet regimes. This specific diet regime emphasizes high fat, very low carbs and adequate protein intake and forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs. No wonder, high-fat enriched coconut oil is a core ingredient in this diet. Along with maintaining a fat ratio sufficient for nutritional ketosis, coconut oil offers amazing health benefits. Learn how coconut oil can be your diet partner in your weight loss journey.

What is Keto Diet?

In the conventional diet regime, we have learned so far that fat is bad and carbs fill you and sustain energy. With the radical shift in this myth, the keto diet focuses exactly the opposite of this and concentrates on the intake of carbs at such a low level that forces the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Our body becomes a fat burner in this magical state, and the human liver converts fat into energy. Here are the glimpses of benefits of this most-popular diet.

  • Cutting carbs from the intake reduces the appetite and calories.

  • Keto diet foods are low in carbs intake which leads to more weight loss at first.

  • Keto diet is great at reducing the extra fat in the abdominal cavity area especially.

  • High fat and low carb mantra may improve blood levels of good HDL cholesterol.

  • Healthy low-carb diet regime reverses five key symptoms of metabolic syndrome and can lead to improved cardiovascular health.

What Are the Benefits Of Coconut Oil On The Ketosis Diet?

Coconut oil and the keto diet plan are a perfect match for each other like a perfect couple. This regime is the opposite of the conventional low-fat, high-carb diet regime but offers significant differences including weight loss. People who want to follow this diet don’t know how to increase their fat intake in a healthy and palatable way. This is exactly where coconut comes in the keto. As coconut oil is mainly made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which boost the fat burning process. Thus, the coco-keto joint venture becomes the winner of fat burning. Here are the benefits of the inclusion of coconut oil in the ketosis diet:

1. Coconut Fat is a Complete Filler

The fundamental concept of weight loss is you need less calorie intake than you dissipate. The entire life of a person willing weight loss goes into calorie counting, which is a dull and highly restrictive process. Coconut oil, on the other hand, can give you a filler filling and you don’t have to keep track of calorie intake every minute of the day. It gives a satiated feeling with intake, even with low-carb and high fat, which ultimately boosts the fat-burning process. So, coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients of the keto diet weight loss regime.

2. Coconut Oil is a Pure Fat

Coconut oil is a complete bliss for people following the keto diet for the first time. With it, they can have the easiest option for high-fat and low-carb keto diet food. Even one can go further and consume other coconut products like coconut milk, coconut flour and coconut cream as keto diet foods which are low in carbs compared to their mainstream substitutes.

3. Boost ketone Production with Coconut Oil

According to some keto diet apps, it is difficult to enter the ketosis state where the body primarily uses fatty acids and ketones as a fuel substitute for glycogen. Coconut oil, which is high in MCTs can help those people in boosting ketones.

4. Bring some variety on your Plate with Coconut Oil

People leave the diet regimes because of the boring or not-so-tastebud calming nature of the diet food. Coconut oil with the keto diet brings exceptions to this by opening the options of frying, roasting, and baking processes. With a very high smoke point, coconut oil can bring variety and improve the aesthetic quotient along with the health quotient. Also, with a mild nutty flavour, recipes become tastier and work perfectly with stir-fry. Even your smoothies and shakes can get a creamy texture without dairy products when you add some coconut oil to them.

5. Coconut oil as an Immunity Booster

Embark your weight loss journey with an immunity booster coconut oil. The MCTs in coconut oil are the hidden secret behind this. With antimicrobial properties present in lauric acid, one can have boosted immunity along with weight loss. It is most common that your body gets infected with a cold or infection when you start with a new diet as the body is getting out of its comfort zone. Coconut oil works as the best immunity booster!

What Are the Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Keto Diet?

Coconut oil is a great choice if you exercise and don’t want to do carbs up as it can boost energy levels without extra carbs intake. The MCTs of coconut oil is converted in the liver into ketones which is a great replacement for glycogen as a fuel. The human body uses them for instant energy instead of storing them. This is the reason MCTs are called great fat burners. One can invent their own way of including coconut oil in the keto diet plan, but also try our ways to kick start this healthy regime:

  • One of the easiest and most delicious ways to include coconut oil in your keto diet plan is Keto Coffee. Blend and whip a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil, and 1 tbsp butter/cream to have awesome coffee that will recharge your mood immediately.

  • One can use coconut oil as a substitute for edible oil while cooking the keto diet foods. As it is high on smoke point, you can use refined coconut oil for high-heat recipes and unrefined coconut oil for sauteing and baking purposes.

  • One can even eat it straight up!

  • Beat coconut oil with your smoothies or shakes to enhance the texture and taste along with the health quotient.

With awareness of diet, people are transforming their daily diets and lifestyle to gain health benefits. Adding coconut oil is one of the additions that can lead you toward a healthy life. After reading this thorough write-up, you must have learned how raw coconut oil enhances the ketogenic process and how the fat content of coconut oil gets converted into ketones. Consult your health practitioner and go for a sure-shot keto diet to shade your extra fats! Try some innovative recipes with this superfood and make your weight loss journey more delicious with pure organic coconut oil