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ghee benefits for skin

Ghee Benefits for Skin: 9 Ways to Soothe Skin Woes

Do you remember looking at a painting of Lord Krishna enjoying dollops of butter with his Gopalas? Or have you heard tales from your grandmother making use of ghee to hydrate the skin during winters? It’s hard to tell when ghee was first discovered, but it’s believed to possess innumerable benefits for your skin care regimen from times unknown. A2 Cow Ghee benefits for the skin are many but it is imperative to know all the right ways to use A2 cow ghee to let your skin glow and look your very best!

Ghee, per se, has always been one of the most used and favourite kitchen essentials from times immemorial! However, ghee benefits or uses are not limited to just cooking or doing pooja rituals but ghee benefits for skin care is also one of the most important advantages that many of us still do not know!

 In ancient India, the Bilona method was practised to make ghee. This process starts by boiling the A2 milk of our Indian Gir cows under low flame using cow dugs cakes and bringing it to room temperature. Later, a spoon of A2 yoghurt made from A2 milk was added and left overnight to curdle up. It was then churned with the wooden Bilona to extract the butter. Once you heat this butter, the ghee was ready for consumption. So, this process of Bilona makes A2 Cow Ghee very special and different from other ghees’ available in the market.

Now, let us explore how this special A2 Cow Ghee can become an essential part of your skin care regimen:

Skin Care Routine

1. Overall Skin Health:

A2 Cow Ghee is a rich source of Omega-6, Omega-3 & Omega -9 fatty acids that control and balance the skin’s oil production. These fatty acids take care of the health of the cell membranes of your skin. A2 Cow Ghee helps in neutralizing free radicals that not only nourishes your skin but results in soft and smooth skin as well.

2. Natural source of Moisturiser:

Back then when we were kids, our mothers used to apply ghee on our chapped lips and cheeks to keep our skin moist and soft. This ritual can still be followed using A2 cow ghee as it has no side effects, unlike the hyped moisturizes ads that are repeatedly telecast on your TV box. They are chemically processed and can have an adverse effect on your soft skin!  So, make a safe bet and use the original A2 Cow ghee for the skin.

In olden days, children would form a queue for their mothers to apply ghee on their chapped lips and dry skin before going to school. Why use moisturisers made out of harmful chemicals to hydrate the skin when our own ghee can do wonders? Ghee helps in deep hydration of dry skin keeping it soft and supple.

3. Skin Brightening:

Desi A2 Cow Ghee acts as a natural skin-brightening agent. The reason is, that A2 cow ghee possesses powerful antioxidants that help to bring freshness to dull skin. For best results, mix a teaspoon of A2 cow ghee and gram flour to form a smooth paste and wear it as a face mask. Wash your face with cold water after 15 minutes. A2 cow Ghee also does wonders when mixed with honey and applied on the skin to reduce spots and keep the skin hydrated.

Our desi cow milk’s ghee acts as a natural skin-brightening agent.  It is rich in antioxidants that help in getting rid of pigmentation and dull skin.  For best results, mix a teaspoon of ghee and gram flour to form a smooth paste and wear it as a face mask. Wash your face with tepid water after 15 minutes. Ghee also does wonders when mixed with honey and applied on the skin to reduce spots. Surprisingly, you can also use it as a makeup remover.

4. Healing:

A2 cow milk ghee is believed to hold a myriad of benefits in Ayurveda. It contains Butyrate, a fatty acid rich in anti-inflammatory properties and hence can be used to treat burns, bruises or swelling. Gently apply it in the affected areas and experience it working miraculously.

5. Skin Ageing:

A simple application of A2 cow ghee on your face or body can defy time and help you fight to age. This is the secret to looking younger than your age. The ghee works impressively as not only will it help you look young, but will also allow your skin glow and leave behind soft and smooth skin. To make a face mask look young, mix a teaspoon and half of the A2 Cow ghee with sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and a few drops of raw milk. Leave it on your face for 20 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.

6. Chapped Lips:

Applying A2 cow ghee is the best method to get you relief from your chapped or dry lips! . Just take a drop of A2 cow ghee on your first finger and rub it all over your lips and leave it overnight. It will lock the moisture in and heal your chapped lips. Isn’t this natural ingredient so easily available in your kitchen better than artificially made lip balms and chapsticks?

7. Lip Pigmentation:

You can also use A2 Cow ghee to lighten pigmented lips. Just apply it well on the pigmented lips and it will surprise you in a few weeks by returning your natural-coloured lips. Make sure you apply this overnight so it works best and you get the desired results.

8. Under-Eye Cream:

Yes, you read it right! A plain application of A2 cow ghee overnight on the upper eyelid and under the eye will help in reducing your dark circles. This application will also brighten up your eyes if they look tired or dull. Just massage the skin surrounding your eyes with your fingertips giving light pressure to get the best results.  

9. Infant / Baby Massage:

Using A2 cow Ghee for newborn babies for their daily body massage instead of oil is absolutely a great choice! It is a moisturising agent in its most natural form that will keep the baby’s skin hydrated and soft. It can also be used in areas where the diapers create a rash. Gently rub the ghee in the affected areas before and after using the diapers.

Ghee Benefits

All in all, it can be summed up that A2 chow ghee benefits for skin are multiple and can easily replace most of the chemically infused beauty products that are available in the market.  It’s a pure and natural ingredient and is completely harmless for sure.  Apart from just topical application of A2 cow ghee for skin, consuming A2 cow ghee will also have equal skincare benefits.

Thus, the intake of A2 cow ghee moderately in your daily meals will prove super advantageous. Just add a spoonful to your hot rice, dals, khichdi or on chapatis and parathas and experience the best skin benefits!

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