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benefits and uses of ajwain seeds

10 Emerging Benefits and Uses of Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

Carom seeds, known as ajwain in India, is one of the most popular spices used by our ancestors for various purposes. In India, carom seeds have their own story. Like, they are a relief-giving home remedy in case of cough and cold. For newly born kids, they are the main ingredient of their massage oil. For new moms, chewing them after a light meal may help to improve digestion functionalities as well as increase the mother’s milk. For most foodies, they are the add-ons for their favourite Pakoras, Dal, and Parathas. So, what’s your version of the story of carom seeds? Get to know why our naani/daadi used to keep these dominantly aromatic seeds handy in the further write-up.

What are Carom Seeds?

Carom seeds are perhaps native to Iran and Turkey, spread to India and used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes and belonged to the family Apiaceae. Slightly green to brown, these seeds have a very strong and bitter aroma. They taste the same like the strong aroma, these pungent and bitter seeds possess various nutrients that can be used for medicinal purposes. They are referred to as Bishop’s weed sometimes because of their seed-like appearance of fruit pods of Bishop’s Weed plant.

These seeds are rich in minerals, fibres, and vitamins along with antioxidants. The form of consuming them varies per person. Either you can chew them, or have them by adding them in a powdered form in water, the benefits of eating ajwain remain the same.

What are the Nutritious Factors of Carom Seeds?

Nutritions in Ajwain

Now you have understood that carom seeds are good for our bodies. Before diving into the carom seeds benefits, first, have a clear understanding of their nutritional value facts. Here are the facts per 100 grams of serving:

  • Calories: 305

  • Carbohydrates: 43 gm

  • Fat: 25 gm

  • Protein: 16 gm

  • Sodium: 10 mg

  • Fibre: 21.2%


What are 10 Surprising Benefits of Carom Seeds?

Benefits of Ajwain

In ancient days, when medical science was not so much popular that of today, our ancestors used to believe in home remedies to alleviate various health problems. Carom seeds were one of the core ingredients of many home remedies that feature several benefits. Get to know the carom seeds benefits that once again prove that our ancestors were unbeatable.

1. Maintain Digestive Health and Combat Acidity

Acidity and indigestion are common health problems that irritate the person and make them restless. Now bid farewell to acidity and indigestion with carom seeds. Infusing a bit of carom seeds powder in everyday cooking will boost digestive functions. These Bishop’s weeds are known for releasing gastric juices that make the digestion process easier. Acute problems of acidity and burning sensation inside the food truck may get relief with a mix of one teaspoon of carom seeds and half a teaspoon of ginger powder.

2. Aids in Common Cough and Cold Relief

Carom seeds for common cough and cold are one the most popular Grandmom’s remedies that are widely implemented in India. Not only for elders, but it may benefit children in getting relief from nasal blockage, or sudden mucus discharge. The antibacterial feature of ajwain may enable rapid recovery from common respiratory issues.

3. Good Oral Health

Benefits of eating ajwain not only deal with internal body parts but also cover dental health and provide relief from toothache. Carom oil with the essential oil components of Thymol can work as a trick in lowering toothache. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial features of the carom seeds can help in improving oral hygiene significantly. Gargling lukewarm water with carom powder on a regular basis can help in maintaining good oral health.

4. Work as a Reliever of Arthritis

Making a paste of crushed ajwain seeds and applying it to the joints can give you great relief from arthritis. Having a warm carom-water bath can make your life easier in case of swelling and joint pain.

5. A Wonder for Newly moms and New Born

After delivery, new moms need a boost for their immune system and hence, our great grandmoms also used to underline the benefits of eating ajwain during the new moms meet. Eating a pinch of carom seeds after every meal may help to cleanse the urinary bladder and help to relieve constipation, especially after the baby’s birth. Also, these seeds are a boon for infants in treating colic and gas-related problems.

6. A good Antibacterial Spice

The antibacterial properties of carom seeds may help in cleansing infections of the skin and smaller wounds. The Thymol ingredients of carom seeds may help in the healing process as well.

7. Regulate the Blood Pressure

Maintaining blood pressure is one of the tedious processes in many cardiovascular diseases. Carom seeds can help in controlling high blood pressure levels. Here also, the Thymol plays the significant role of calcium channel blocker and stops the calcium to enter blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

8. Tackles Constipation

Night or day, many of us are getting relief from a pinch of ajwain given by our moms or grandmoms. The laxative features of carom seeds are the playing the leading role in the regulation of bowel movements and softening the stools.

9. Prevents Premature Greying of Hair

Many people suffer from premature greying of hair and carom seeds can work wonderfully for them. The active constituents may help to maintain the natural colour of hair and prevents further greying. The anti-microbial property may treat scalp infections and nourish the hair follicles boosting the strengthening of hair roots.

10. Ajwain Water for Weight Management

Drinking ajwain water may help to reduce your excess weight through enhanced metabolism and fat burning. It also stimulates the digestive processes and flushes the detrimental toxins out of the body. 

Carom seeds is a common spice that one can find on kitchen shelves. This intensely aromatic substance can bring spice to recipes like Pakora, dals, and others. Apart from that, these seeds are also used in trivial restless health problems such as bloating, stomach issues, and indigestion. Believe in your Grandmom’s remedies, and embrace the carom seeds, mostly after your meals. Ditch those handy digestive enzyme tablets and follow our ancestors to win several health benefits that they were getting with their incomparable knowledge!

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