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breakfast foods for people with diabetes

12 Great Options of Breakfast Foods for People with Diabetes

Diabetics are a no-cure disease to date but can be managed well with regular monitoring of diet and exercise. Getting a good breakfast is mandatory for diabetic people. Breakfast plays a significant role in controlling blood sugar levels for the whole day and this fact becomes crucial for people with diabetes type 2. So, one should carefully design a breakfast menu to feel energized and have well-maintained sugar levels for the rest of the day. We are here to bring the top 12 breakfast for diabetics options so that your first meal of the day gives you adequate energy and at the same time, never let the food cause a sudden spike in sugar levels!

Why Breakfast is Important for Diabetic People?

Diabetic people may get confused over what to eat when they wake up, as most of the options are loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat. Here are the reasons that illustrate the importance of breakfast for diabetics people:

  • It is recommended that these people should include carbs that contain fibre because these carbs are digested and absorbed slower than those carbs that are without or have lower fibre content. Breakfast fulfilling this condition may help to stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Skipping breakfast may stimulate your liver to secrete more glucose and may provoke your blood sugar levels.

  • It is also concluded after several studies that people who consume diabetic breakfast need significantly less insulin along with lower cravings and hunger pangs.

  • Skipping breakfast may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes development and other metabolic disorders.

What are Some Good Breakfast Options For Diabetic People?

Breakfast menus that are ideal for diabetic health conditions raise as good breakfast for diabetics and are considered safe and healthy options for diabetic people. Here are the top 12 food options that can easily be adopted as breakfast by diabetic people and can recharge themselves with a good dose of energy in the morning:

1. Ragi or Finger Millet Porridge

Porridge is always a great way to start a day. It is light to your stomach and keeps you fuller till your next meal. Ragi is a fine choice for people with diabetes as it is loaded with dietary fibre, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients make the best diabetic breakfast recipes like ragi upma, ragi uttapam, ragi porridge, ragi idli, and others.

2. Chia Seeds Puddings

We all know chia seeds for weight loss but they can create wonder for diabetes, too. As chia seeds have a lot of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, they can give you a low-carb aim to start a day. Chia pudding is one of the easiest recipes one can make with the seeds and help to manage sugar levels. Mix chia seeds with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and a dash of vanilla extract and keep it overnight to set a perfect chia seed pudding. Enjoy this sugar free pudding nutrition-rich breakfast and achieve great control over your fluctuating sugar levels.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been a new and successful entry in the breakfast ideas for diabetics list. Recipes like the oatmeal mix, oatmeal cakes, savoury oatmeal, steel-cut oatmeal, and others are great to start a day.  Fibre content in the oats will help you to keep fuller for a longer time and may suppress your hunger. Oatmeal regulates the production of insulin and manages blood glucose levels. It also ensures slow absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.

4. Methi Dhokla

We all know methi or fenugreek seeds are ideal seeds for diabetes with soluble fibres and may help to regulate blood glucose levels. Bring this magical seed’s flavour into dhokla or a traditional Gujarati snack. This steamy breakfast dish is the best diabetic breakfast as everyone can enjoy this fluffy treat with equal delight. Pair it with green chutney to enhance the taste.

5. Multigrain Toast with nut Butter

Simple multigrain toast with a layer of nut butter is a classic breakfast for diabetics people and for all, too. The higher dose of healthy fat in butter may slow down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream and may prevent sudden sugar spikes. Making a combo of toast and butter can fulfil an adequate amount of daily nutrition.

6. Red Poha

You may rarely find an Indian who doesn’t know poha or flattened rice. There are several families who start their days with this traditional breakfast daily. People with diabetes can opt for red flattened rice over regular one. This less processed breakfast features more nutrients, like iron, carbs, and proteins. It is light on the stomach and low GI rating, which is effective in preventing spikes in blood glucose. Include this traditional diabetic breakfast and satisfy your tastebuds as well as keep a check on your sugar levels.

7. Barnyard Millet Dosa

Millets are a complete bliss for diabetic people. Amongst all, barnyard millet is considered as most diabetic-friendly because of a very low glycaemic index of 42.3. Although it is not popular compared to other millets like ragi, and pearl millet, one can try to make this inclusion with easy recipes like dosa or idli using barnyard millet flour. This millet improves carb tolerance among diabetics as well as helps to regulate sugar levels. Cook this nutrient-dense diabetic breakfast and pamper your tastebuds.

8. Idli

If you are Indian cuisine lover, then try out idli as breakfast for diabetics. Go on its different variants like ragi idli, idli fry, semolina idli. Semolina is high in fibre and carbohydrates that can keep you fuller for till lunch. It also brings affirmative changes in preventing bad cholesterol which can be equally beneficial for diabetic people.

9. Tofu Multigrain Toast

Ditch high-calorie paneer with tofu and avail of one more healthy breakfast ideas for diabetics. Tofu is popular among youngsters with its low in carbs properties. Hit the internet to explore some of the great recipes with it like scrambled tofu, tofu stir-fry, baked tofu, grilled tofu, and others. One can try to balance the carb content by pairing multigrain toast or vegetables with tofu.

10. Proso Millet Upma

Proso millet upma is one of the best breakfast ideas for diabetics. The mouth-watering dish is loaded with a richness of veggies. The low glycaemic index of proso millet slows down the spike in blood sugar levels. High-fibre and low GI proso millet upma slows digestion and as a result, sugar is slowly entered in the bloodstream.

11. Moong Dal Paratha

Parathas have a special place in every Indian’s heart. People suffering from diabetes can make a variation like moong dal parathas which is one of the healthy breakfast ideas for diabetics as compared to aloo parathas. They effectively control insulin and curb elevated sugar levels. Grind moong dal with cumin seeds, red chili powder, and little salt. Roast this mixture to make fillings for chapati. Roll medium size chapatis and roast on a low flame.

12. Pearl Millet Missi Roti

Pearl millet or Bajra is a popular millet in the Indian kitchens for making flatbreads and different snacks. Pearl millet missi roti is one of the best diabetic breakfast ideas because it is loaded with complex carbs. The millet enriches the health quotient, and when paired with methi leaves, paneer, and curd, it becomes a complete breakfast with good carbs and lean protein.

Eating a healthy breakfast is an essential and necessary thing for everyone, especially people with type 2 diabetes. This first meal of the day always helps to regulate the blood sugar metabolism. When your body regains its state after overnight sleep, cortisol stress hormones increase and the nervous system becomes on the toe to satisfy the demands of the day. To tackle with this challenging situation, the body needs a good dose of energy and breakfast is the name of the dose! Always follow Moyer’s thumb rule – Eat within one hour of waking up! Feed your body with a healthy breakfast for diabetics options and leave the worries of spiking blood sugar levels behind!