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Yellow Moong Dal Split

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Whenever we talk about healthier foods to add to the diet you might have come across suggestions for yellow moong split dal. These legumes have been cultivated since ancient times. They are native to India but spread to other parts of Southeast Asia. Many dishes can be made from this healthy Indian comfort food.
Organic Gyaan offers you yellow moong split dal which is organic, natural and doesn’t have any pesticides or harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it is also a storehouse of nutrients such as protein, fibre, and carbs. 

Yellow moong split dal Benefits

  • Yellow moong split dal is rich in fibre thus it gives fuller filling for a longer period of time and may help in weight management. 
  • It is also rich in iron and potassium and may help to improve heart health.
  • It is high on fibre content and may be beneficial for digestive health 

Yellow Moong Split Dal Uses 

  • Can be used to make healthy breakfast recipes like dosa and chillas. 
  • You can also prepare subjis.
  • The famous yellow moong dal khichdi and dal.
  • Can be used to make cutlets and other savouries.