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White Sesame Seeds

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Sesame seeds are having high energy properties containing healthy fats, omega 6, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These are too good for growing children and old people equally.

Sesame seeds could be one of the oldest condiments. The high-value content of the oil is extremely helpful in keeping the cooked food fresh for a longer time.

Sesame seeds contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, calcium and dietary fibre. It has two unique properties that control cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure. Sesame seeds come in a variety of colours like white and black that are very popular. Others are yellow and red.

Sesame seeds are mentioned in Hindu mythology and are a symbol of immortality. Sesame seeds are used in a variety of delicacies for their rich taste and crunchiness. Energy bars with sesame seeds as one of the main ingredients are very popular during kite festivals in India.