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Benefits & More
  • Low Glycaemic Index – Helps regulate sugar levels in the body 
  • Rich in dietary fiber – Improves digestion 
  • Low Calories – Help in weight management 
  • Zero Cholesterol – Supports cardiac health 
  • Rich Source Of Protein – Provides energy & supports daily wellness

The wheat suji pasta also known as wheat semolina pasta from Organic Gyaan is a fantastic source of protein, which is a vital component for both muscles and bones. It is loaded with fibre and other nutrients that promote wellness and good health. Suji is created by processing premium-grade wheat grains such that the centre of the grain is crushed. It is trans-fat and cholesterol free. Thus, it makes a healthy delight for all age groups!

Wheat semolina pasta is easy to cook as well as healthy to eat, unlike other unhealthy pasta. You can consume this pasta as a meal, as a snack or during mid-day hunger pangs. They won’t cause any trouble because they are made of healthy ingredients.

Organic Gyaan is very particular about the purity and authenticity of the products. Our Wheat Suji Pasta/ wheat semolina pasta is made from premium-grade certified-organic wheat grains without adding any artificial colours or preservatives.

Wheat Suji Pasta Health Benefits

  • Suji pasta made from wheat has a low glycaemic index. It is a nutritious dish that diabetes individuals may also eat.
  • Its high dietary fibre content slows down the body's absorption of fats and carbs. It snuffs out your appetite and keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time.
  • It is a low-calorie meal that contains no cholesterol. You get an energy boost from it, and your heart health is supported.
  • Wheat semolina pasta is not only a terrific post-workout meal but also a great dose of protein that promotes everyday well-being.

Wheat Suji Pasta Uses

There are various recipes where you can use wheat suji pasta such as:

  • Can be added to various chaats
  • Can be topped in pizzas & bread toasts
  • Can be added to rolls & lasagne
  • Can be also added to make stuffed idlis or dosa

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