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Til Ladoo Made with A2 Ghee and Jaggery

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Winter is that time of the year when you crave food repetitively. Searching out healthy options minus the sugar to munch might be challenging, but does it exist? Just imagine if you could binge on the winter sweets that are free from refined sugar and keep your day count calories in check or simply to put a healthy snacking is all you are craving for. Til ke ladoo is generally prepared in Indian Kitchens during winters just to keep the body warm and provide energy.

Organic Gyaan brings you traditional Indian Til Ladoo made with A2 Gir Cow’s Ghee & Organic Jaggery. Unlike sugar, jaggery has a distinctive flavour, which complements the other ingredients beautifully. Mouth-watering deliciousness and good health altogether. However, these til laddu are popular in the northern & central regions and are mainly consumed during winters. These sesame seeds laddu are yummy, crunchy one can munch on them for instant energy.

Til ladoo or sesame balls are the richest sources of Iron & Calcium, as it is a powerhouse of all essential nutrients including phosphorus, copper, magnesium, & protein. Also, Til Ladoo is a great source of proteins that help you in building stronger bones, muscles, and tissues in the body. These sesame balls are an excellent source of vitamin B, which helps in blood growth and cell repair.

Therefore, Til ke laddu has more benefits than anyone can ever imagine. It’s not just a small piece of traditional sweets; it’s a traditional recipe that has been there for generations spreading more than sweetness and til ke ladoo especially famous for Makar Sankranti Festival in northern areas.

Besides Til and Gur both are winter food items, have a long shelf life and sweets made using them last long, so you can easily store till ladoo for a longer period of time without worrying about them going bad.

Nutritional Benefits of Til Ladoo
  • Richest Source of Protein
  • High in Vitamin B
  • Great source of Fibre
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Storehouse of Magnesium

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