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Rai / Small Mustard Seeds

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Mustard (Rai) is one of the oldest spices and condiments. Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and Indians have used it for thousands of years. King Louis XI would travel with his royal mustard pot if the hosts did not serve it. There are different varieties of mustards, Brown, Black, and Yellow. Each one has its unique flavor after being cooked or mixed with something and aroma that differentiate them from each other. In contrast, each one has a special use for a particular delicacy. Yellow mustard is a mild flavor; small Black mustard seed is smaller and much more intense. Brown mustard is more pungent than yellow but less than black.

The ancient Greeks believed Asclepius, the god of healing, created mustard. Mustard has high medicinal value, vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential oils, and dietary fibers. These properties help rejuvenate the body, improve the functioning of the nervous system, regulate metabolism, and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Mustard oil is used in cooking, while its application can reduce muscular pain and rheumatism. Ground seeds are effective laxatives and increase intestinal secretion. Mustard has also been found effective in curing migraine and asthma. It also prevents heart attack and cancer.

There are two types of mustard seed commonly used in India, black mustard seed (called Rai) and yellow mustard seed (called sarson). Generally, the whole black mustard seeds (Rai) are fried and used with dal, achar, and other Indian vegetarian dishes, and use yellow mustard with vegetable curry.

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