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They are biodegradable plant pots created from a mixture of tightly compacted earth and naturally sun-dried cow dung also known as gobar from Indian (desi) types of cows. These cow dung planters are absolutely odorless and made with a mixture of garden soil and Desi cow dung.

To prevent any transplant shock to the plants, this cow dung pot is used for spreading seeds, planting seedlings, and transplanting plants directly into other pots or gardens. A healthy alternative for both the environment and plant health to plastic nursery pots or trays!

Organic Gyaan offers you 5 small cow dung pots to enhance plant health, and give them the right nourishment at the same time, it is absolutely environment-friendly. It can be used for indoor plants as well as an indoor garden. It will also help purify your home environment and spread positivity!

Cow Dung Pot Benefits

  • Work as a natural fertilizer by decomposing in the soil
  • Avoid the risk of transplantation shock
  • Encourage root penetration & better airflow
  • Absorb moisture & drain out any excess water
  • Eliminate the need for drainage holes
  • Promote good germination and growth of the plants

How To Store Cow Dung Pot or Cow Dung Plant Pots?
If not in use, store them in a dark & dry place, away from moisture