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Red Flattened Rice / Red Poha

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a filling and speedy Indian breakfast is poha. Poha is a filling meal made from rice that has been flattened and is very well-liked in almost every household. There are various ways to cook – some prefer adding peanuts and namkeen while others choose to prepare it by adding exotic vegetables. 

However, people are becoming more and more health conscious and the best way to enhance your health is to eat red poha. It is a nutrient-dense red poha which is made out of red rice. Since red rice isn't subjected to intense processing throughout production, its bran is renowned for providing many nutrients, including fibre, vitamin B, and minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron.

Organic Gyaan offers organic red poha made with the finest quality red rice. They are unhulled, unpolished, and unprocessed thus making it the healthier version of red poha!

Red Poha Health Benefits

  • The fat content in red poha is almost negligible thus for many health enthusiasts red poha is a perfect delight for managing weight.
  • Being a rich source of antioxidants, eating red poha can help in the production of red blood cells which ultimately promotes healthy supple skin.
  • Red poha contains a decent amount of fiber and probiotic bacteria that help gut health and the digestive system to be in good shape.
  • It is also a rich source of calcium and magnesium and thus supports bone and muscle health.

Red Poha Uses

  • Can be used to make poha
  • You can also use red poha to make upma.
  • It can be added to curd to have curd poha
  • It can also be added to milk and have sweet milk with red poha