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 Benefits & More

1. Perfectly Sun-dried & Finely Pounded
2. Hot, Spicy, and Zesty Flavour
3. Offers Authentic Taste and Aroma
4. Organic, Pure, and No Artificial Colours are Added
5. The powerhouse of Nutrients and Vitamins
6. Rich Antioxidant
7. A Must-Have in Your Culinary

Organic Red Chilli Flakes - Organic Gyaan
Red Chilli Flakes Health Benefits - Organic gyaan
Red Chilli Flakes - Organic Gyaan
Red Chilli Flakes - Organic Gyaan

Pounded Red Chilli Flakes | Premium Quality Sun Dried Chili Flakes | Finest Organic Red Chili Flakes Red Chilli Flakes at Best Price

Are you craving something spicy and hot? Then nothing like the pounded red chilli flakes. They are hot, fierce and spicy. Dried chilli flakes have all the power to make any dish extremely delicious and appetizing! For those who have a taste bud for spicy food then these organic red chilli flakes will help you savour that. Just top it up with a few flakes in the dish and you are good to go.

The best thing about pounded red chilli flakes is that they are natural and pure and no artificial colours or preservatives are added to them to enhance their spiciness. They are authentically pounded from premium quality dry red chillies which helps maintain the taste, aroma and piquancy of the chilli flakes.

Nutritionally speaking, red chilli flakes may be best known for their spicy, hot and intense flavours but they are very beneficial for health. Chilli peppers provide carbs and offer a small amount of protein and fibre. It has posses’ wide array of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C which may help with wound healing and immune functions, Vitamin B6 which may aid in energy metabolism, Vitamin A which is good for overall health

It is also a good source of potassium and copper which may help benefit strengthen your bones as well as maintain heart health. So, choose the best quality red chilli flakes and make your dishes tasty as well as healthy!

Uses of Organic Red Chilli Flakes

  • Pizzas: Chilli flakes are most commonly used in pizzas as well as pizza sauce to give that extra dint of spiciness.
  • Pasta: Not to forget, it is widely used in all kinds of pasta to enhance the flavour. Chilli flakes combined with cheese taste extremely delicious and delectable.
  • Fries: You can sprinkle red chilli flakes on your fries and give a twist of hot and spicy combination to them.
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry: Giving a seasoning of chilli flakes will give the desired taste and aroma to your dish.
  • Rolls/Wraps/Subs: Feed your craving for spicy rolls or sub with these authentic red chilli seeds. Infuse it inside the roll or sub and enjoy the touch of spiciness.

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