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Benefits & More
  • Rich Source Of Fibre – Supports healthy digestion 
  • High Antioxidants & Minerals – Help boost immunity 
  • Low Sodium Content – May help regulate blood pressure levels 
  • Low in Calories – Supports healthy weight management 
  • Rich Source of Calcium & Iron – Supports healthy bones 
  • It may also help prevent skin from oxidative damage
Organic Puffed rice / murmure
Puffed rice murmure recipes
Sweet cravings puffed rice murmure
Puffed rice murmure snacks

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about muri, murmura, kurmura, puffed rice, or perched rice is the flavour of mouth-watering bhel puri. This nutritious snack choice is a common element in most Indian families and is praised for its crispy flavour.

The puffed rice or murmure may be made into cereals that are ready to eat by cooking the rice kernels under intense pressure while there is steam present. Although the majority of us have had bhel puris, sev murmure, or even puffed rice chaat, we were unaware of the excellent dietary option and variety of nutrients it contains.

Organic Gyaan’s puffed rice is a rich source of a wide array of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are potent and essential for the body. Puffed rice is a rich source of fibre, carbs, protein, Vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, iron and healthy calories.

Puffed Rice Health Benefits

  • Having potent antioxidants, eating puffed rice will help enhance your immunity system.
  • Puffed rice also has low sodium content which helps regulate blood pressure levels and in turn reduces the risk of heart-related problems.
  • Puffed rice is also rich in dietary fibre which helps in healthy digestion and eases constipation.
  • It is also rich in calcium and potassium which helps to make bones stronger.
  • The high carbs in puffed rice may help improve brain functions.

Puffed Rice Uses

  • Can be used to make various chaats such as bhelpuri, sev murmure, and spicy puffed rice chaat.
  • Can be used to make puffed rice chikkis
  • Can be added to energy bars and granola.
  • Can be used to make puffed rice chivda, or puffed rice upma.