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  • Bronze Thali set or Pooja Thali to perform daily pooja
  • Ideal for auspicious occasions and festivals
  • Add elegance and charm to your pooja room
  • Set comes with agarbatti stand, prasad bowl, bell & Diya
  • Washable and durable pooja thali
  • Ideal to make calm & meditative atmosphere in pooja room

A pooja thali set is an indispensable component of Hindu rituals and ceremonies. Traditionally designed to aid devotees in their worship, this bronze thali set often includes an assortment of items that play a pivotal role in religious observances. One of the most revered materials for crafting these is a bronze set. The bronze thali set not only brings an aesthetic appeal but also is believed to have intrinsic spiritual significance.

Organic Gyaan’s pooja thali, is a bronze plate for pooja that is spacious enough to hold various offerings like flowers, incense, and ceremonial lamps. This pooja thali often comes with supplementary bronze pooja items like a bowl, bell, diya & an agarbatti holder, each serving a specific purpose in the ritual. For those who have limited space or seek something more compact for their daily rites, this small pooja thali is an ideal choice.

This downsized version retains all the elegance and sanctity of its larger counterpart but is designed to fit into tighter spaces or for travel purposes. The complete pooja set often includes supplementary items like the aarti thali, specifically designed to hold the ceremonial lamp during the aarti, a ritual of light. Whether you are a devotee or someone who appreciates the intricate craftsmanship of traditional items, the bronze pooja thali set is a beautiful amalgamation of faith, tradition, and artistry.

How To Use Bronze Pooja Thali or Bronze Thali Set?

Instructions To Use:

  • Before commencing the pooja, make sure the bronze thali and accompanying items are clean.
  • Place the required ritualistic items, such as flowers, incense, and ceremonial lamps, on the pooja thali.
  • Use the bronze items as you would during your ceremonies. Light the lamp on the aarti thali, use the bowl for offering, and so on.

Instructions To Clean:

  • Rinse the bronze items with lukewarm water to remove any loose dirt or offerings.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, gently clean with a mild detergent.
  • Thoroughly rinse to ensure no residue remains.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth immediately to prevent water spots.
  • To restore its shine, make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda. Gently rub the paste on the tarnished areas using a cloth then rinse thoroughly with water and dry immediately. 

Instructions To Store:

  • Before storing, ensure all items are completely dry. Any moisture can lead to tarnishing or corrosion.
  • Wrap each item in a soft cotton cloth. This prevents scratching and protects the bronze pooja thali set from dust and moisture.


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