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Benefits & More
  • Premium quality Organic Dried Oregano
  • Freshly Pounded Oregano
  • Pungent Aroma and Taste
  • Best Seasoning Spice
  • Good for Digestion and the Immune System
  • Rich Source of Vitamins A, C, K, and iron.
Oregano - Organic Gyaan
Oregano - Organic Gyaan
Oregano - Organic Gyaan
Oregano - Organic Gyaan

Pounded Oregano | Buy Fresh Oregano Online at Best Price | Dried Oregano Packet for Seasoning

Oregano is certainly one of the must-haves in your kitchen if you like to add seasoning to your dishes. History records that Oregano became popular when soldiers from the Second World War returned to the US and brought with them the taste for pizza, which is probably the most common dish associated with it as a herb.

Fresh Oregano is mainly grown in the Mediterranean region of Greece, Turkey, and Italy (Origanum vulgare hirtum). However, it is worthwhile to know the difference between simple ordinary Oregano and organic Oregano. Ordinary Oregano often sold in the markets is not hygienically grown and has a bland taste and almost no aroma. On the other hand, fresh organic Oregano is sourced from holistic and ecologically-friendly methods which are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Most commonly, the dried Oregano that is sold in grocery stores is often a mixture of different varieties of Oregano and often combined with marjoram and thyme. But Organic Gyaan offers you original, freshly pounded Oregano with no adulteration of other spices. Also, it has multiple health benefits such as being a great antibacterial agent it may help fight infections. Furthermore, it is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, and it’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, vitamin E, and calcium which strengthens immunity.

Uses of Organic Oregano

  • Homemade Pasta, Pizza, or Spaghetti
  • Combine fresh oregano with olive oil and apply it to bread and rolls
  • It can also be used in a marinade
  • You can add it as a seasoning to vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, or cauliflower
  • You can also top it up in soups

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