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Neon Dry Holi Colours - Signature Pack

₹ 350.00
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6 reviews
400 gm

Neon dry Holi colours are vibrant and bright-coloured powders traditionally used to celebrate the festival of Holi and personal celebrations. Unlike traditional Holi colours, these neon colours are made from natural ingredients, and biodegradable pigments and are known for their long-lasting, vivid hues. They are often used in dry form, making them easier to clean up and less messy than wet colours.

Our Signature pack is the most royal and super-premium quality colours. It also includes shades of 5 colours: Orange, Sky Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink.

Our Neon Dry Holi colours are safe to use, as they are made with non-toxic ingredients and do not cause any skin irritation. They are also water-soluble, making it easy to clean up after the celebration. Whether you are participating in a traditional Holi festival or hosting your own celebration, incorporating neon dry Holi colours is sure to add an extra pop of excitement and energy to the event.

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