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Benefits & More
  • May help strengthen Nasal Passages
  • Beneficial for Headaches
  • May help clear Mucous Blockages
  • Open Blocked channels
  • May help Eliminate Nasal Infections
  • Ayurvedic remedy to Alleviate Congestion
  • May boost Immunity against Pathogens
  • May help with Cough & Cold
  • May help to improve Voice
  • May help improve Sleep
  • Supports Nervous tissues
Revitalize senses with nasya drops
Nasya drops balance vata pitta and Kapha
Premium quality nasya drops
Nasya drops for blocked nostrils, cough and cold

A nasal installation which is done daily and frequently is called pratiamarśa Nasya. Nasya Karma is a kind of Panchakarma treatment for body cleansing used in nasya drops Ayurvedic since time immemorial. The administration of the best ayurvedic nasal drops by the route of the nasal cavity is termed Nasya.

Organic Gyaan offers pure A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee Nasya Drops which have multiple health benefits. Putting two Nasya Drops in each nostril will help you to get relief from the painful symptoms of a sinus infection. It can help to clear the nasal blockage and help in providing relief from pain.

Not only that, but Nasya Drops, also known as Ayurvedic nasal drops are also beneficial to alleviate headaches, inducing good sleep, boosting immunity, supporting brain cells, eliminating allergies related to eyes, throat and ears, relief from cough & cold, etc.

How to Use Nasya Drops?

  1. Place the nasya nasal drops bottle in a bowl of warm water until the Nasya liquefies.
  2. Before going to bed (afternoon or night), lean your head back and put 1-2 nasya drops in each nostril, allowing the liquid to flow deep into the nasal passage and head.
  3. Have a peaceful sleep. 

What Is the Shelf Life of Nasya Drops?

The older the product that is made of ghee; the more efficacy is better.

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