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Multi Grain Porridge

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A filling breakfast of multigrain porridge is created from healthy whole grains. It is incredibly full and hearty. It has a whole grain which is nutty in taste and has a soft but chewy texture. As implied by the name, it contains distinct grains such as wheat dalia, bajra dalia, yellow moong dal, rice, white sesame seeds and ajwain.

It needs very little spice because the amalgamation of grains makes it a tasty delight! You can make this multigrain porridge either salty or sweet as per your taste. It goes great with sweet toppings like warm raisins and hazelnuts for a substantial breakfast or savoury toppings like your favourite veggies. It is enjoyable for the whole family.

Organic Gyaan offers you organic multigrain porridge which is free of chemicals, pesticides and gluten. Thus, it makes a healthy choice for kids, adults as well as elderly. Furthermore, this multigrain porridge is also a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as dietary fibre, calcium, iron, carbs and protein.

Multigrain Porridge Health Benefits

  • Multigrain porridge is a rich source of dietary fibre thus when you consume it keeps you fuller for a longer period of time and cuts down on hunger pangs which ultimately helps in weight management.
  • Also, it also helps in improving the digestive system and metabolism.
  • They are also a great source of carbohydrates and thus provide you energy all day long.
  • Multigrain porridge helps you to improve red blood cells in the body because it is iron-rich.
  • It also contains high calcium and phosphorous content which supports bone health and muscles.
  • Acts as an immunity builder.

Multigrain Porridge Uses

You can use this to make a healthy multigrain porridge breakfast and can top it up with healthy nuts or green veggies to enjoy maximum benefits.

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