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Mix Ladoo

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If you are looking for healthy yet delicious options, look no further, we bring you a surprising box of healthy traditional mithai, all in just one box. Not to forget all our sweets are made with love and are sugar-free. Unbox the happiness and health for yourself and your family especially during winters.

Organic Gyaan brings you a pack of five ladoo called Mix Ladoo i.e., Ragi Oats Ladoo, Til Ladoo, Dry Fruits Ladoo, Gond Ladoo, Besan Ladoo. Winter is the perfect time for cosy sweaters and warm rich foods. While curries and soups usually are connected with winter food, we cannot ignore the rich variety of winter-specific sweets in India. Also, you don’t have to wait for winters for traditional ladoos, as this ladoo is available anytime at your home to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Every time let’s indulge in comfort food that is not only delicious but healthy and rejuvenating. Moreover, our laddu is made with jaggery instead of sugar, also replaced regular ghee with A2 Gir Cow’s Ghee which made our ladoo more delicious & healthier, and will not only give you a good dose of nutrition but satiate your sweet cravings and tastes delicious. One can savour a laddu in their breakfast, as it will give enough energy for the rest of the day as well.

Our special and healthy Dry Fruits Ladoo is one of the best well-liked of current trending meals in the world. It tastes yummy and can be an apt healthy snack. This sugar-free ladoos is loved and appreciated by millions every day. Our special ladoo collection is healthy, delicious and nutrient-dense snack balls for people of all age groups – Enjoy tempting Besan ladoo anytime in a day. These delicacies ladoos are prepared in several parts of the country.

Did you know sesame or til and jaggery are usually warm in nature and give you ample benefits such as strengthening bones, boosting immunity, nourishes your body? Simultaneously, winters are incomplete without this Til laddu, which is rich in heat, proteins, and yummy traditional laddu – the Goodness of Nutrients.

As per Ayurveda, gond is known to boost stamina and health, as it helps people to enhance immunity and stay away from falling sick due to cold and cough. Thus, Gond Ladoo will help lubricate the joint pain and other pain. Ragi oats laddu is filled with the goodness of ragi, oats, dates, honey A2 Gir Cow’s Ghee and can be your guilt-free indulgence at any time of the day. Ragi is rich in calcium and oats is high in fibre making it a perfect option for all those who have a sweet tooth or are health-conscious.

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