Mahatriphala Ghrita – Organic Gyaan
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Mahatriphala Ghrita

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Ayurvedic medication called Mahatriphala Ghrita, which is based on desi cow ghee, is said to be helpful in panchakarma. It is created by combining numerous herbs, each of which has a number of advantages. Triphala, the main component employed in this, is a blend of three substances which are - Haritaki, Vibhitaki, and Amalaki. Each herb has its own benefits and advantages.

Mahatriphala Ghrita, also known as Triphala ghee, is widely used to improve eye-related problems such as eye discomfort and irritation. Additionally, Triphala ghee is also used to calm Pitta and Vata doshas in the body, strengthen immunity, and improve hair health.

Mahatriphala Ghrita is well recognised for its rejuvenating (Rasayana) effects, which can help boost resistance and encourage long life. A stronger immune system helps in the body's defence against illnesses and guards against recurring seasonal infections. Additionally, when applied topically, Triphala ghee helps in clearing the scalp of debris and surplus dryness, encouraging the development of new hair.