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Little Millet Ladoo

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Little millet is among those millets that are nutritious, gluten-free, non-sticky, and non-acidic. So, it is not just for the health-conscious people but for everyone who wants to remain fit and give their body a lot of nutrition content! In Sanskrit, little millet is called nandimukhi which has been part of a meal for many rishis for many decades. Little millet also has ayurvedic significance, its astringent and cooling properties may help in balancing the three doshas of the body when taken moderately.

Organic Gyaan offers you little millet ladoo which to satiate all your sweet cravings! It is made with all organic ingredients such as organic jaggery, A2 bilona cow ghee, organic little millet flour, etc. It is ideal to eat little millet ladoo during festivals, happy occasions, poojas, or just as a snack.  

Speaking, about the nutritional value of little millets then they are a rich source of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, fibre, protein, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It is a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals which helps our body and mind to remain healthy.

Health Benefits of Organic Little Millet:

  • The magnesium, B-complex vitamins, and essential amino acids in little millet may help to eliminate heart diseases.
  • Little millets have a moderate glycaemic index that is beneficial to manage sugar levels in the body.
  • Being rich in dietary fibre, little millets are very good for digestive health.
  • Little millet contains phosphorus which is great for weight loss, tissue repair, and energy production. It also helps detoxify the body.

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