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Idli Rice

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Tamil Nadu is the source of the crops used to make idli rice. This harvesting takes place twice a year in March and September. Idli rice is also known as parboiled rice or ukda chawal. To make idli rice it has to go through a three-step procedure which is soaking, steaming, and drying. Through this procedure, idli rice gains nutrition and a different texture, making it simpler and healthy to eat.

Organic Gyaan offers premium-quality idli rice which is made from organic rice. It makes nutritionally equivalent to brown rice. Thus, it is beneficial to buy organic idli rice online to make soft, fluffy idlis and enjoy it with your family and loved ones!

Idli Rice Benefits

  • The process used to make idli rice helps on stabilizing the starch making the texture harder & glassier.
  • Idli rice is a rich source of niacin and Vitamin B6 which helps metabolize food into energy.
  • The idli rice is also low in calories thus it makes a great choice for health-conscious people who wants to manage healthy weight management.
  • Idli rice takes very less time to cook.
  • It absorbs more water proving a higher yield than ordinary rice.
  • It's rich in carbohydrates and has less fiber. The carbohydrates do not cause high blood sugar levels.
  • Idli rice has almost 2-3 percent of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium if consumed on a daily basis.

Idli Rice Uses

  • Idli rice can be used to make idlis
  • It can be also used to make dosa & uthappam
  • Idli rice can also be used to make delicious khichdi
This rice taste well with various curries, sambhar, and rasam