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1. Non-Toxic Holi Colour Signature Trendo box ( 5 shades * 80 Gms = 400Gms ):
Discover the joy of Holi with our certified-safe colours! Non-toxic, skin-friendly, and heavy metal-free, they come in a range of delightful shades, each with a unique fragrance. Stain-free and eco-friendly, make your celebration both colourful and responsible. Choose safe, choose vibrant – choose our Holi Colours!
2. Thandai Masala :
Get ready for summer vibes with our Organic Gyaan Thandai Masala! Made with Khandsari Sugar and all things natural – no added flavours, preservatives and colours. It's the coolest way to chill and welcome the hot season. Sip, smile, and stay refreshingly quirky
3. Honey Dry fruit(600gms):
Pure delight in every drop! Our Dry Fruit Honey is nature's sweetness, collected from flowering trees and plants. Completely chemical-free and organic, it's the guilt-free choice for your snacks or morning rituals.
4. Cow dung Logs :
Cow Dung is considered a renewable and sustainable source of energy. Organic Gyaan offers original cow dung kande that are beneficial to use during the Holi celebration. It is natural, eco-friendly and helps save the air from harmful pollution and the surrounding environment.
5. Non-Toxic Holi Colour Standard Royal box  (5 shades * 50 Gms = 250gms) :
 See the colours sparkle in the sun! Our Neon Holi Colours are safe, skin-friendly, and non-toxic, making your celebration bright and happy. Get ready for a joyful Holi under the sunny sky! 
6. Coconut oil(100ml):
Discover the magic of our pure Coconut Oil, a natural marvel for skin and hair. Cold-pressed from fresh coconuts, it's a tropical treat that moisturizes, leaving your skin and hair irresistibly soft. No additives, just pure goodness. 
7. Haldi, Kumkum & Chawal :
Haldi used here is highest in curcumin makes it much more energized, Kumkum is stain free and Chawal is whole. This is purest pooja material for your offerings.