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Holika Dahan - Cow Dung Logs | Set of 2

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Benefits & More
  • Great Source of Fuel – Beneficial for cooking & heating 
  • Organic Fertilizer – Used to fertilize crops and improve soil fertility
  • Soil Conservation – Improve water holding capacity of soil
  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium 
  • May help repel pests & insects 
  • Natural & Eco-Friendly 
  • Ideal For Holi Celebration

Cow dung logs, also known as cow dung cakes or pats, are cylindrical-shaped logs made from the dried excrement of cattle. They are commonly used as a fuel source in rural areas where access to traditional fuels such as wood or coal is limited. The logs are made by collecting fresh cow dung and spreading it out to dry in the sun. Once the dung has dried, it is compressed and molded into logs, which can be used as fuel in traditional stoves or open fires.

Cow dung logs are considered a renewable and sustainable source of energy as they produce less greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels and they can be easily produced on a small scale. Additionally, cow dung has been used as a source of fertilizer for crops due to its high nitrogen content, helping to improve soil fertility. In conclusion, cow dung logs provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel sources, promoting sustainability and reducing the use of non-renewable fuels.

Organic Gyaan offers original cow dung logs that are beneficial to use during the Holi celebration. It is natural, eco-friendly and helps save the air from harmful pollution and the surrounding environment

How to Use Cow Dung Logs? 


  • Place the cow dung logs in the stove, arranging them to allow air circulation.
  • Use a smaller piece of dung or kindling to start the fire.
  • Once the fire is started, it will spread to the logs.
  • Cook your food on the flame as you would with wood or charcoal.


  • Can be used in a similar way to logs of wood. Place the cow dung logs in the pit or chiminea. Light them with kindling and enjoy the heat.

Religious or Ceremonial Purposes:

  • Cow dung logs are considered pure in many traditions and are used for sacred fires (havans & Yagnas).
  • It can also be incorporated during Holika Dahan.
  • Can also be used in last rites ceremony.

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