Wooden Cold Pressed Organic White Sesame Oil- 500ml/1 ltr – Organic Gyaan
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White Sesame Oil - Wooden Cold Pressed

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White sesame oil is often stored in almost every household kitchen! The reason is, that it acts as a flavour booster in every cuisine and has a distinct nutty taste that blends extremely well with various mixes of spices. In Ayurveda, white sesame oil is priced for its medicinal and healing properties. It is widely used to massage skin and hair as it can provide deep nourishment.

Organic Gyaan offers you authentic wooden cold-pressed white sesame oil which is organic, unrefined and processed at a very low temperature. So, why choose Organic Gyaan’s Wooden Cold-Pressed white sesame oil?

The Manufacturing Process: The method of extracting oil makes all the difference in its quality and flavour. The extraction process of wooden cold-pressed oils involves crushing oil-bearing nuts or seeds under the lowest rotation per minute (RPM) which helps emit lesser heat and retains the quality and taste of the nuts or seeds. Generally, the seeds are placed in huge Wooden Kolhus where they are continuously rotated and crushed until all the oil is collected. Since the process is undertaken in a wooden container, the heat generated is less than 40 degrees. Also, wood helps to absorb the heat so cold-pressed oils retain their original flavour, taste, aroma, and nutritional value. On the contrary, regular refined oils are extracted by using high temperatures like more than 300 degrees and are treated with chemical solvents that degrade their flavour, taste, and nutritional composition.

So, the process we use to manufacture oils is our USP! The nutrients remain intact in wooden cold-pressed white sesame oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E, Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. It is also a rich source of various potent minerals such as calcium, protein, iron, zinc, magnesium and more.

Wooden Cold-Pressed White Sesame Oil Health Benefits:

  • May aid in hair care
  • It is very beneficial for managing sugar levels in the body
  • Being rich in zinc and Vitamin E it is super beneficial for skin health.
  • White sesame oil contains healthy fats that make it a heart-friendly oil.
  • Copper and calcium, two minerals potentially present in white sesame oil, are integral to bone growth in the body.
  • May boost circulation and metabolism.

    Wooden Cold-Pressed White Sesame Oil Uses:

  • Cooking
  • Mouth wash
  • Mix white sesame oil with water to improve digestion and bowel moments
  • Massage hair and skin with white sesame oil for optimum benefits.
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