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Ajwain / Carom Seeds

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The leaves and seeds of the ajwain were used by the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans. In both cultures, they used seeds as medicine. Some texts show ajwain in use before 850 BC. Ancient Indian practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine used celery seeds to treat various health issues. These issues included water retention, pain, and liver ailments.

The dried seed is dark brown with light ridges. It has a harsh, penetrating, spicy aroma and a warm, bitter taste that leaves a burning sensation. Indian type is more herbal with a slight lemon-like aroma. Ground ajwain is called ajwain powder.

It is an excellent source of essential minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron. Carrom seeds contain potassium helps in reducing blood pressure. It helps in the elimination of uric acid and stimulates urination. Ajwain also cures arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

Ajwain has a solid and little bitter, earthy and little pungent. It has a mild lemony aroma, more herbal with sweeter citrus notes. They are roasted or added raw or turned into paste. It never powers the food taste, adding a slightly strong earthy aroma and taste. Sometimes ajwain oil is marketed in capsule form. Because of its spicy and warm aroma, ajwain oil is used in perfumes and aromatic oils. Mixing a few drops of ajwain seed oil into your body lotion can help stop mosquitoes from biting you. Carom seeds will give you a more natural option for repelling insects. It is effective thyroid medication.

It has blood-thinning components. Romans used ajwain seed in herbal tonics as an aphrodisiac, while the Greeks used it in love potions. Carrom seeds were used as a sedative for nervousness or to promote sleep.