Brahmi Ghritam - Ayurvedic Brahmi Ghee – Organic Gyaan
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Brahmi Ghritam - Ayurvedic Brahmi Ghee

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The ayurvedic clarified butter known as Brahmi ghritam, also known as Brahmi ghee or Brahmi ghritam, is used mostly for treating and avoiding issues with the central nervous system, enhancing memory, and healing stress-related diseases. Additionally, it raises cognitive abilities, learning capacities, and concentration. 

Brahmi ghee provides the brain with the necessary nutrients and enhances the capacity for memory, retention, and acquisition. According to Ayurveda, Brahmi is one of the greatest Medhya Rasayana or nootropic herbs. Additionally, because it balances Vata, it aids in lessening the signs and symptoms of stress. Additionally, it helps in balancing all three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—and restores equilibrium in the body. The herb's Balya (strength giver) property aids in reducing the signs and symptoms of weariness and general weakness.

Bhrami Ghritam Health Benefits

  • Consuming Brahmi ghritam supports mental alertness and acuity.
  • Brahmi being the Madhya herb, Brahmi ghritam helps improve concentration and focus.
  • It also helps boost your memory which we also called a smriti.
  • Brahmi ghritam has Pitta-balancing properties and thus nourishes your mind.
  • Bhrami ghritam helps activate crown chakra and thus improves focus and reduces stress.

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