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Kala Namak / Black Salt

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Black salt, also known as saindhav, Kala namak, or sanchal, is harvested on land, around volcanoes, though some say it was formed by ancient seas that dried up. It is harvested in Central India. It is black but turns pink when it is crushed has a pungent smell and sulfurous odour.

It has its rich dark colour due to iron and other essential minerals that it contains. It is lower in sodium and contains fewer additives than regular salt and hence much healthier. Ayurvedic healers claim that black salt possesses several therapeutic qualities that pacify the bowels, aid weight loss, combat hysteria, and produce good dental hygiene.

It is a favourite with sweet chutneys chaat masala, fruit salads, jal jeera and butter milk. Black salt reduces problems like indigestion, loss of appetite, heartburn and acidity.

Black salt can be used to loosen the muscles and reduce joint pain, reduce bloating and constipation cures respiratory illnesses, help lose weight, function as a laxative, controls cholesterol levels, reduce heartburn, gets rid of intestinal gas, get healthy hair and Smooth skin.

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