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Key Benefits
  • Rich in Antioxidants – Black rice is a great source of antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins, which are responsible for the deep black/purple colour. Anthocyanins have been linked to various health benefits, including protecting against heart disease and improving brain function.
  • Dietary Fiber – Black rice retains its bran layer, which means it's a good source of dietary fibre. Fiber aids in digestion helps prevent constipation, and can assist in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamin E – Black rice contains vitamin E, which is known for its immune-boosting properties and also helps protect cells from damage.
  • Natural Detoxification – The phytonutrients present in black rice can help detoxify the body by cleansing the liver of harmful toxic build-up.
  • Heart Health – The anthocyanins in black rice may help reduce LDL cholesterol levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Weight Management – The dietary fibre in black rice can make you feel full and, thus, may help in reducing caloric intake and assist in weight management.
  • Lower Glycemic Index: Black rice has a lower glycemic index (GI) that may help provide steady energy and help regulate blood sugar levels.



Black rice, also known as karuppu kavuni rice, is a unique grain that boasts a deep purple-black hue. Rich in history and often called "forbidden rice", this variety was once reserved for royalty due to its premium quality. Today, the numerous black rice benefits are recognized globally. From its potent antioxidants to its heart-protective qualities, black rice benefits for health make it stand out.

Many health-conscious consumers now specifically seek organic black rice to ensure they are getting the purest form, devoid of any synthetic chemicals. At Organic Gyaan, you can get organic black rice at the best prices. The surge in its popularity has made black rice available online. Those looking to buy black rice can easily find it on our online store, where the black rice price is the best in the market!

As more people turn to healthier grain options, black rice is undoubtedly becoming a sought-after choice. If you're considering incorporating this grain into your diet, it's now easier than ever to find and buy black rice online.

Black Rice Uses

  • Black rice can be served as a side dish or as the main grain in traditional meals.
  • Cooked and cooled organic black rice can be added to salads, providing a colourful contrast and a chewy texture.
  • Karuppu Kavuni Rice is often used to make a creamy, sweet rice pudding, especially in various Asian cuisines. The grain's natural sweetness pairs well with coconut milk and sugar.
  • Black rice can give sushi rolls a unique appearance and added health benefits.
  • A warm bowl of black rice porridge, often cooked with coconut milk and topped with fruits, makes a nourishing breakfast.


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