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Benefits & More
  • Low Glycemic Index – Good for regulating sugar levels
  • Rich in Fibre – Supports healthy digestion
  • Low Cholesterol Whole Grain – Reduces heart-related problems
  • Loaded With Vitamin B – Contribute to brain health
  • High Dietary Fibre – Supports weight management
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
  • Rich In Complex Carbs – Great source of energy
Premium quality organic basmati rice
Organic basmati rice by organic gyaan
Shahi swad with organic basmati rice
Health benefits of organic basmati rice
Certified organic basmati rice

Simply said, organic rice basmati is distinct from the typical rice you consume. Organic rice basmati has a distinct flavour and scent. Hindi's translation of the term basmati is fragrant or full of scent. The queen of fragrant rice is how some people refer to organic rice basmati.

India is where organic white basmati rice first appeared. Two-thirds of the world's supply of organic white basmati rice comes from India. For thousands of years, people have been cultivating organic rice basmati near the foothills of the Himalayas.

Organic Gyaan offers you the best organic basmati rice online. Also, the organic basmati rice price is also best in the market because it is gluten-free as well as low in fat. It is a rich source of all eight essential amino acids which are extremely important for overall health and well-being. Further, our organic basmati rice is also low in sodium and has no cholesterol thus supporting your heart and weight!

Organic Basmati Rice Health Benefits  

  • Usually, regular rice is considered to have a high glycemic index, but organic basmati rice has a low glycemic index and thus it helps to regulate sugar levels in the body.
  • Organic basmati rice is also low in saturated fats and sodium; thus, it helps your heart to heal.
  • Organic basmati rice is a rich source of fibre so it is good for digestion as well as for weight management.
  • Organic basmati rice has good carbs thus it provides a good amount of energy to the body.

Organic Basmati Rice Uses  

  • Organic basmati rice can be used to make herbed plain rice.
  • Can be used to make vegetable pulao or vegetable khichdi.
  • Can be used to make biryani.
  • Can be used to make lemon or other flavoured rice.
  • Can also be added to a sweet dish like kheer.

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