Organic Stone Ground Barnyard Millet Flour Online- 1Kg – Organic Gyaan
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Barnyard Millet Flour

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Barnyard Millet is one of the most delicious and nutritious millet, and the flour is made using organic grains and hygienically ground. It is a minor millet and also minimally processed flour to retain maximum nutrients.

Organic Barnyard Millet Flour is a good source of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, high content of B1, and most notably, contains more micronutrients i.e., Iron and Zinc than other major cereals. It is rich in dietary fiber and low glycemic index.

Carbohydrate content is digestible slowly due to the property of formation of resistant starch, thus it may beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetic patients. Also, Organic Barnyard Millet is used for making nutritional-rich parathas and rotis.

Organic Barnyard Millet Flour contains six times more fibre and protein than wheat, making it ideal for weight loss, keeping your stomach full for a longer time. Barnyard Millet Flour is rich in niacin, which helps your body manage more than 400 enzyme reactions. Also, Niacin is very necessary for healthy skin and organ function.

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