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Benefits & More
  • Made from Natural Bamboo
  • BPA-free Soft Bristles
  • Zero waste packing
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Eco Friendly Toothbrush
  • Available in 4 colours – Black, White, Pink Yellow

We all know that plastic isn’t a product that is designed to break down. Thus, items like plastic toothbrushes and straws end up in landfills. These landfills amount to a total of 359 million metric tons of plastic every year which can be extremely dangerous to humankind, mother earth and our entire ecology thus we are here introducing biodegradable toothbrush which is bamboo toothbrush or also called wooden toothbrush.

It’s time we replace the old plastic toothbrush and replace them with the Organic Gyaan’s Bamboo Toothbrush made of bamboo which is also called the bamboo brush. A bamboo brush would make a perfect start to your day. In fact, it’s the best way to infuse nature into your daily lifestyle. This natural toothbrush is designed in a manner which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Being an organic toothbrush, it is water-resistant and prevents microbial growth. Moreover, this bamboo toothbrush just takes 6 months to get disintegrated into the soil because it is eco friendly toothbrush.

Speaking about bamboo toothbrush benefits then the bristles of our bamboo toothbrush are charcoal activated and made of nylon thus making it extremely soft to use. Also, it has a comfortable design which makes it easy to hold and preserve. So, choose a natural bamboo toothbrush over the plastic one! By doing so you are not only choosing good health but also contributing lesser to the plastic pile of waste that goes into the landfill. This change might feel small but can make a bigger difference!

 It is recommended to change the brush every three months for better oral health.

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