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Key Benefits
  • Spiritual Significance – Lighting a ghee lamp is considered purer and more auspicious. It's believed to invite positive energies and ward off negativity.
  • Air Quality – A2 cow ghee, when burned, is believed to purify the air. It is said to release oxygen while burning, which can aid in creating a cleaner and more positive environment.
  • Aromatic Benefits – Burning A2 cow ghee produces a pleasant aroma. This soothing aroma can have calming effects on the mind and environment.
  • Religious Traditions – Using A2 cow ghee, specifically, is valued in certain religious traditions due to the reverence of indigenous cow breeds in India.
  • Environmental Reasons – Ghee wicks are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, unlike some other types of wicks or candles which might contain non-biodegradable components or toxins.
  • Health Beliefs: There's a traditional belief that the fumes produced from burning A2 cow ghee have therapeutic properties and can promote health and well-being.

A2 cow ghee diya battis is a revered choice for lighting in many spiritual and traditional ceremonies. Derived from the A2 type of beta-casein protein in certain cow breeds, A2 cow ghee batti is believed to be purer and more beneficial than regular ghee. A2 cow ghee diya battis, often made of ghee cotton wicks, is used extensively in rituals and ceremonies.

These ghee wicks are also sometimes called pooja batti are steeped in the richness of ghee, offering a luminous, steady flame when lit. Ghee batti not only provides a serene ambiance but also emits a pleasant aroma. The A2 cow ghee batti price offered by Organic Gyaan is the best in the market due to its superior quality and authenticity. They are an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic candles or lamps. Moreover, the specialty of these ghee wicks is that it has a red colour marking which makes it easy to find the tip of the batti immediately. 

For those who prioritize convenience, A2 cow ghee batti online purchasing options are now available at the Organic Gyaan online store. We ensure that our age-old traditional practices meet modern ease. In essence, the A2 cow ghee diya batti or pooja batti with its ghee cotton wicks encapsulates the essence of tradition, lighting up spaces with its gentle glow and aromatic presence.

How To Use A2 Cow Ghee Diya Batti?
  • Ensure you have a clean and safe diya (lamp) made of clay, brass, silver, or any other material.
  • Take the A2 cow ghee diya batti (ghee cotton wick) and gently place it on the diya/lamp.
  • Using a matchstick or lighter, light the exposed part of the ghee-soaked wick.
  • Always place the diya on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Store unused A2 cow ghee battis in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.